Monday, February 18, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: Anthropologie Disappoints Me.

This past weekend I went to Anthropologie in search of the mythical Juno Printed Dress that keeps eluding me. I never generally want anything from Anthro badly enough to pay full price and now that I'm like, TAKE ALL MY MONEY ANTHRO the dress has gone *poof*

This is the dress I'm talking about (which, if you follow us on IG, you might already know about):

You can't have me. 

Currently it's sold out in the leopard print version but I don't take no for an answer. It's popped back online a few times but never in the size I need. So, off I went to the store and I found two of them at my local Anthro! Unfortunately one was a M and the other an XL. Dammit. I tried on the medium because I'm no quitter:

I absolutely love it but it's definitely too big. And yes, I am wearing it over my Madewell jeans and Dr Martens. Also, because I have narrow shoulders, it felt pretty low-cut in the medium as well:

They did have a small in the green floral version so I tried that on just to confirm sizing:

The green floral is...not for me, but the fit is perfect. A new snakeskin version of the dress just got added and, while I really like it,  I worry the pinky-beige color won't look great on me. So, for now, I am holding out for the leopard dress in size small. (Holla if you find one and I will be your best friend forever!) 

I also tried on the leopard print cardigan which I loved so much in theory but on me it was a little more boxy than I like:

So cozy, though! It's on sale and appears to be sold out online (I'm sure it'll pop back) but there were lots in my store. I pretty much fled after that because I was trying to keep my eyes on the prize and not be tempted to buy things I don't need. HOWEVER, there is a good sale going on at Anthro right now - an extra 40% off sale items and it ends tonight!

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