Thursday, February 7, 2019

BUY THIS (Because I Already Did): Good Things On Sale.

A few of my favorite things happen to be on sale, so I thought I'd let you know about them just because I am a super nice person and not at all trying to enable you to buy something because it's Thursday and you deserve a little something nice.

My favorite Going-Out Blazer is 40% off with code COFFEE:

I wore it here if you want to see it on an actual person. It's got stretch so it's almost cardigan-comfy.

Two of my favorite RMS products are 20% off right now at Madewell:

If you want a luminizing product that looks really natural, this is the one. I absolutely love it. 

This little palette is a great way to try several different RMS products. I'm especially fond of the cheek colors.
They are offering $30 off an $80 purchase, plus free shipping:

This brings my DM Chelsea boots down to $114.95! I also really love the Dr. Marten Zillow Chelsea which is even less expensive.  (Note: always has a promotion so you might be able to get a better price down the road, but sizing is limited and I don't know if they restock.)

TJ Maxx: 
I love my Argento Vivo labradorite necklace so much and these earrings on clearance are killing me:

Ugh. I don't need these at all but someone should maybe buy them and report back.


  1. You should 100% buy those earrings. Who "needs" earrings, anyway? TREAT YOSELF

  2. I loooove that blazer, but I really wish it came in more colors. 🙁