Monday, February 4, 2019

Lazy Beauty Reviews: ByTerry, Givenchy, Mally, Davines, Bed Head

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted any kind of beauty review! Marianne posted her beauty and skincare favorites from 2018 but it's been crickets from me. Oops.  I am lazy and forgetful. So here are a few quick reviews for things I've been into lately:

Something that you shouldn't ever do: wander into a Blue Mercury store on a lunch break with no agenda. Those kind, bored sales associates WILL FIND YOU AN AGENDA. I walked out an hour later with a face full of makeup and the By Terry blush thing above. The color is kind of bronzer-y on me and the center circle is a highlighter that you can use separately. It's quite nice and I use it whenever I need a bit of glow. I also bought this concealer pen thingy because I'm a sucker. It's fine but not life-changing.

Y'all know that I really love Davines Minu shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair and this winter I've been using the Davines MINU Hair Serum and I loooove it. The MINU stuff seems to keep my hair shiny and smooth and my color bright. I spray it on when my hair is damp, before styling products.

I posted about this Givenchy powder in Voile Rose which I bought last fall during the Sephora sale. Listen, this is not something you need but if you are feeling splurgy and want something fancy? You could do a lot worse than this powder. It is really freaking nice. The four colors mix in the sifter and you just swirl them on. (I use a brush, not the puff that comes with it.) It smells nice and gives your face a kind of soft-lit finish that's not sparkly at all. Also, the packaging is very expensive and luxe, which I enjoy.

I recently got this little Mally eyeshadow stick in Burnished Bronze and it's SO GOOD. I can put on a lightly and smudge it around for a subtle look or really go to town and get a great bronze smoky eye without much effort. It's so hard to find a non-reddish bronze (red in eye makeup makes my eyes look bloodshot) so I have been delighted with this pen and I want to try more colors!

And one from Marianne:

This isn’t new but I have pulled my Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver back out and it’s been a nice change to my hair. I get lots of compliments! It’s faster than a curling wand and the waves hold really well. I do recommend a heat protectant because it gets pretty hot.

What about you? Any new beauty discoveries?


  1. I am OBSESSED with that Mally eyeshadow stick! It's the PERFECT color, and it stays on really well!

  2. I looooove the Mally shadow stick! Nothing stays on as well for me, but it seems like the colors are constantly being discontinued and replaced with something similar. I think I'm on my 3rd "go-to" shade after only about 2 years of using them.

    Also, Ulta always has a holiday set with 4-5 full size sticks for about $40!

  3. I don't have any new beauty discoveries but I did rediscover a product that I loved and stopped using in my quest to find something better and/or cheaper. I used the Paula's Choice skin perfect 2% BHA liquid exfoliant for a few years and really liked liked it, but I figured it wouldn't be hard to find something similar. I got sucked into The Ordinary hype and tried their salicylic acid gel (didn't care for it) and then just bought some stridex pads, but my skin just hasn't been very cooperative lately so I gave in and bought the paula's choice again. OMG it's like night and day! My skin was better almost overnight. I need to remember this for the next time I get bored or am feeling cheap. :/

    Also, now I want to try those Mally sticks!

  4. I’ve been using the REN anti-redness serum and I quite like how hydrated my skin feels during this long, dark, dry winter. Not that you asked for reuqests, but if taking, I would love a post on highlighters. I was never good at makeup (and frankly young skin didn’t need to be), but is it worth it? Obvs want to avoid sparkles, etc


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