Monday, October 15, 2018

Review: I Ordered Rothy's The Point Because I Know You're Curious.

Ah, Rothy's. Another one of those internet-only companies with a product that you kinda want even though you don't neeeeed a fancy suitcase or clear minty vitamins. Do you need expensive flats made from recycled water bottles? Probably not. But they come in cute colors! And you can wash them!

I resisted Rothy's for a VERY long time but they come in really cute colors and patterns. And I kept seeing them on people and thinking, "Oh, those are cute!" Every time I asked the wearer if they loved them and they all really, really loved them. Hell, I asked you guys too! Most of you loved them as well. So FINE. Fine. FINE. I ordered a pair. What I actually needed was a pair of black flats so I ordered red camo points because of course I did:

They arrived very quickly in a cool cardboard box that could be used for an immediate return or broken down and recycled. I appreciated that they didn't go crazy with unnecessary packaging. Right out of the box they were SO CUTE AND BRIGHT- the camo spots are actually shades of muted purple, which I love. I put them on my feet and was like, yep, these are flats. (Note: I had been encouraged to size up half a size for the points, so I did, and I think it was the right thing to do. The 8.5 fit perfectly.)

I wore them to work the next day, which was also the first time I'd worn closed-toes shoes to work in months. My heels were soft from a summer of Birkenstocks and by mid-day I'd already put those blister Band-Aids on my heels because, ouch. My heels were getting angry.

I gave my feet a day to recover and then tried again. By the third wear my Rothy's weren't bothering my heels at all and now they're really comfortable. They don't have any arch support but I'm always surprised when people are mad about that. By their design, flats are flat, y'all. You can definitely buy flat comfort shoes that have arch support but most flats are cute because they are... flat.


Pros - Cute as hell, still look brand new after multiple wears, dry fast if they get wet and so far they don't stink (but if they do start to smell, I can wash them!)  Also, I get compliments literally every time I wear them.

Cons- Expensive, and the insoles aren't good. I haaaaate the insoles. They're just these flimsy little removable things that slide all over the place. I bought a pair of replacement insoles from Target but haven't installed them yet.

Would I buy another pair? Uh, yeah. I mean, they have this leopard pair that I have been eyeing HARD. They also have a slip-on sneaker that is really cute. Ugh, shoes. I love you. (Note: since writing this, the red camo style has been retired. Green camo is really cute, though!)

I paid my very own money for these shoes though I did have a $20 referral code from a friend. If you're tempted, shop through my link and you'll get $20 off your first purchase! (Full disclosure: I will also get a $20 credit.)

That's my review! If you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.


  1. I bought them and they make my feet sweat and smell to high holy hell! Maybe it's the insoles? Can you share which ones you changed out to, please? I'm ready to throw them out at this point. I can't handle the embarrassment.

    1. I haven't actually used the replacement insoles yet, but they're "Fab Feet" brand from Target.

  2. Maybe people with smelly feet should try the odor eater insoles? I've gotten them at Kroger, Walmart, wherever, they're easy to find. I have smelly feet, and these seem to work pretty well in my slip-on sneaker shoes, though I do also usually wear no-show socks with them

  3. Sorry, they are cute but have zero support. The sole is so flimsy you can feel every pebble in the street. Many bloggers say, "But flats are flat" when this comes up in Rothy's reviews. That is true, but I wear flats frequently and virtually all others at least have a real sole. $140 is an awful lot to pay for a house slipper.

    1. Hey, people pay a lot more for Tieks and those are basically leather slippers! But I hear what you're saying. I definitely think the insoles are crap but I'm otherwise quite happy with my Rothy's.


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