Tuesday, October 2, 2018

We Discuss: Tall Boots.

Real quick before I get to the convo - J.Crew has prank called me AGAIN (that's it, I'm getting rid of my landline) and now has pretty much everything 40% off with code BIGSALE. Dammit, J.Crew. I should probably order that blazer, huh. Moving on:


M: I fucking think tall boots are back.


M: It's happening.

A: Well, I still have my Loeffler Randall boots.

M: Mine are like a quarter size too small and uncomfortable. I need to sell that shit.

M: I still have both pairs of my Frye Lisa.

A: Keep them Lisas!

A: I still have my Frye Veronica boots.

M: I have my Veronica shorties but this is the fall I think I'll sell them.

A: I'm keeping mine - they're good in bad weather.

A: How did I go from being completely obsessed with tall boots to eehhhhhhh


A: 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  1. Wow - could it really be true? (Rolls eyes, shoves head into back of wardrobe and rotates contents)!



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