Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We Discuss: Skincare and Confessions.

A: Hey, do you still love the Kiehl’s oil cleanser?

M: yes!

A: I’m nearly out of my Pixi stuff and considering a change.

A: Do you double cleanse?

M: Yes, my second cleanse is with Cerave non foaming cleanser.

M: It works great for me.

A: Okay, cool.

A: It's the midnight recovery stuff?

M: I feel like the oil leaves less residue than a balm.

M: Yes midnight recovery cleansing oil.

A: I rip through that Pixi balm so fast.

M: And then in the morning I just do the Cerave.

A: I use my Sunday Riley cleanser in the morning.

M: The oil is a BIG bottle and I just need one pump, seems like it will last a lot longer.

A: Excellent.

M: Overall since changing routines my skin looks great.

M: I broke out at the beach because sunscreen but those are already gone now that I’m back to normal.

A: My skin is doing it’s fall freakout at the moment.

M: yuppppp

A: I do love the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and that hydrating mask we got a sample of is so so nice.

A: Also, I have a confession.

M: what

M: Another leather jacket.

M: lolololol



M: Is it?




A: I cheated on Aerie and bought some nicer pannies and I love them more.

M: Ha!

A: I did not want to love them.

M: Which ones.

A: AND, they’re stupid because they’re “one size” which is a giant lie.

M: Hahahahahahaha well then that rules my ass out.

A: These:

A: They claim they’ll fit size 4-16.

M: I do not believe them.

A: I don’t either.

A: They do have a plus sized version but that kind of rules out the middle?

A: Anyway! I have to admit they are SUPER comfortable and do not ride up and no itchy tag or weird plastic elastic thing up the crack.

M: Valid.

M: I am still fine with mine.

A: I still wear most of my Aerie stuff, though there are a few pairs that I’ve given up on. I just wanted some undetectable options.




  1. Only 2 leather jackets? What'd you do with the other one?

    1. A friend bought my Madewell jacket before I'd really even decided if I was selling it! It was totally great but very similar to my AllSaints jacket, which fits better. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Have you tried REN's Rosa Centifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm? It's mid-price ($35ish) but I have been using it on my super troubled rosacea skin for 2 years now and it's...the balm :^) Rinses off really nicely, leaves my skin lovely, and takes off all my makeup, even waterproof stuffs.

  3. Is fall freakout skin a thing? Bc my skin has been freaking out lately, too, and I haven't really been doing anything different, so it's been a mystery to me why it's happening.

    1. For me it is. Any time the weather starts changing my skin starts freaking out.

  4. Now I want to try the Kiehls oil cleanser. :/ Also, I tried the Chantelle undies and I'm a 10/12... they were nice and no panty lines on the rear, yay! But they cut in to my thighs on the front because I am big in the hips/thighs/butt region. I'm tempted to try the plus version because a reviewer on Nordstrom mentioned having that issue and said that the plus version remedied it for her.


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