Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Weekend Slouchy.

I haven't posted a weekend outfit in ages so I thought I'd show you what I wore last Saturday. It was technically too warm for long sleeves but I really wanted to wear this blouse I got from LOFT. You're not the boss of me, Virginia weather! I do what I want. Hmph:

I'm wearing the Smocked Split Neck Blouse from Loft and I really like it, though I suspect the material isn't going to wear well long term (ie. do not pay full price, yo.) I do love that it's drape-y and has cute detail around the neck and sleeves. And it's black! It also comes in that blush pink everyone seems to love and in a striped version, which is nice. Loft is my favorite for cute, washable tops even though the ruffles are starting to creep back in. (Didn't we decide we weren't doing that anymore?) I have my eye on this print utility blouse, this leopard print blouse and I love this peplum top in theory. We'll see. 

I untucked just so you can see it's true nature. With skinny jeans I'd leave it out but boyfriend jeans require a bit of tucking. I'm wearing my Madewell slim boyjean in an older "Rip and Repair" version. Currently, Madewell has a regular rise version in a very clean wash and high rise in several versions. I really dig these with the button front! All that said, if J.Crew jeans fit you, check out these patched boyfriend jeans! So cute and 40% off. 

I carry this dumb MBMJ bag (here in red) so much I should just stop talking about it. I will just say this: a grey bag is a nice change from black. Still a neutral, but more interesting. This Cole Haan would do nicely.

I'm wearing a delicate pendant from BR that I can't link because it's long gone! I do love a minimal bar pendant for just a bit of interest against a black top. This one would work nicely but this one at Etsy gets it exactly right.

So, listen. If you're not sure you can pull off distressed jeans, I'm here to tell you that you absolutely can. (aka I think Kim France is wrong about this.) Yes, you too can wear jeans that look like they've been chewed on by a dog. They are FUN, especially if paired with dressier things. Or, you know, silver Birkenstocks. If the J.Crew jeans I linked above are still too spendy, start with something like this pair from Old Navy or this great pair from Target. Try them out and see what happens. 

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