Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Still Rolling Them Out.

All that fall crap I bought in July and August? FINALLY SEEING THE LIGHT OF DAY, Y'ALL. It's a very exciting time in my closet even though it's also that annoying time of year when you have to dress for 30 degree temperatures shifts within a day. Hooray for stupid fall that everyone seems to love. Ahem. 

Anyway, Marianne was giving me a hard time for not having worn my cute Anthro jacket yet so I decided to throw it over a dress:

I'll be honest, as much as I love this jacket I think I'm going to like it better with jeans. This is a LOT of drape for me, is all I'm saying. The jacket is great, though. Comfortable and interesting and you don't need to do much else - it makes the outfit. It's still very much available at Anthropologie but Nordstrom also has it in more colors. Also! There's a (slightly less cute) version on the TJ Maxx site in green and black right now. Same brand, but jersey instead of faux suede. 

This dress is a cheap thing I bought at Marshalls last summer (another outfit here) and it's been a nice basic. This swing dress at Loft would serve well in this capacity and this dress would be great for colder months. On to details:

I'm wearing my Giles & Brother hook pendant, an old favorite of mine! Its long sold out but I do like this silver fish hook pendant by Anchor and Crew. For something similar to mine, I looooove this crescent moon pendant at Madewell. So chic.

Now, on to THIS. This is a Liberty of London Little Marlborough tote in the same print as the little pouch I bought in London. I couldn't stop thinking about the tote so when one popped up on Poshmark I snapped it up. (I am selling two of my other bags as penitence because that's how I work.) It was an impulse purchase but I LOVE it. it's completely different than anything else I own and it's got a bright purple lining which sparks all kinds of joy. (There's another one on Posh right now, just FYI.) 

For a similar look without spending allll the money this Sam Edelman tote is pretty cute! Finally, my boots. These are Madewell from a few years back and I wear them A LOT. You just can't go wrong with Madewell boots. Similar styles going this fall - the Portia with a fun little heel and the Regan which is really popular. I will admit, I do like boot season. 

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