Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Fresh Stuff!

I have been on quite the fall shopping tear this past week or two! I am trying to overhaul my closet and fill it with things that I like and that fit properly and apparently I feel the need to do this ALL AT ONCE. I don't recommend this model. But hey, I really do recommend this J.Crew Liberty print shirt:

This shirt is simultaneously not my style and EXACTLY my style. So, while I don't generally wear floral prints or button up shirts I do love a fun print and interesting details. Liberty prints are great at being both fun and interesting so there you go. J.Crew has a bunch of Liberty print pieces including this crazy peasant top and a ridiculously pretty swimsuit that I definitely don't need. Most of it is too girly for me but I have to say I find this reversible puffer jacket oddly appealing. 

I tried the old blogger half-tuck and I still think it looks silly. My jeans are Banana Republic and I probably should've sized down? They're a bit loose in the waist. Even so, they pretty nice - soft and substantial and I love the color. They come in red too which is very tempting. I also love the look of these skinny ankle cords  in red. Hmm. (PS. code STYLE for 40% off at BR!)

Look, I know it's going to be in the 80s today but I had to see what my new AllSaints leather jacket would look like with this outfit. I am dying to wear it even though I also love the warm weather. It's confusing in my head. 

This jacket, you guys. It's buttery soft and fits like it was made just for me. It was a ridiculous vacation impulse purchase but I think I did the right thing here. How could I have left it behind?

And just as a reminder - you don't have to be like me! There are really nice, inexpensive leather jackets to be had everywhere. Check out this Kors jacket at Nordstrom Rack and this BlankNYC faux leather jacket looks really nice and gets positive reviews. But y'all, this Cole Haan. So nice.  Oh, and don't forget to keep an eye on leather jackets at TJ Maxx! Like, this one by Bod & Christensen. YUP. On to details: 

I wear these two My Precious Studio necklaces a lot. I have the silver wings and a lightning bolt heart. Tere is a local artist and a friend of mine and I can't recommend her jewelry highly enough. 

Shoes and bag! My Cambridge Satchel twist lock bag feels like a very fall/winter choice. I don't see my exact bag on the website anymore but they have several styles that are really similar. I'm also wearing an old pair of Lotta from Stockholm clogs in aubergine which I always forget I own. Who forgets they have purple clogs? Only me. 


  1. Did you take your usual size in the BR jeans? That red color prob needs to be in my closet...

    1. The problem is that I've gained juuuust enough weight that I'm between sizes. So I'd normally take a 28 but got these in a 29. I think the 28 would have been a better fit in the waist. (So, go with your usual size!)

  2. Love the color scheme you have going on with the green, pink, and purple. And that jacket looks divine. I love how it has the moto thing happening but is sleek at the hip rather than cluttered with a belt or other chunky accessories. Beautiful!