Thursday, October 11, 2018

Stuff I Like: Watching, Wearing, Considering.

More stuff Marianne and I like and a request for a recommendation. Let's go:

This Show That I'm Freaking Out About.
Am I the last person on the planet to watch Killing Eve? YOU GUYS IS IT SO GOOD. Three excellent female leads! Murder! Intrigue! Gorgeous locations! Amazing clothes! Sandra Oh's hair! I have been a fan of Phoebe Waller-Bridge ever since I discovered Fleabag (which I also recommend) and she's written a show that is basically everything I want in a show. Season One is available on Amazon (though we had to pay for the season) and Season Two is in the works.

This Dumb Fancy Eyeliner That I Love.
While in some airport recently I wandered into the duty free and oops, I bought the fancy Chanel eyeliner I'd been considering for months. Black eyeliner looks weird on me but dark purple? That is just exactly right for brown eyes. However, it has to be a true purple, more blue than red (you don't want red around your eyes, nope.) Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof liner in Cassis is the exact purple I was looking for. It's a dark true purple that's not shimmery and goes on smoothly. The only thing I don't like is that it's hard to get a real point on it, but smudgy is how I roll anyway. It stays put and looks quite intense. Plus, the packaging is metal rather than plastic so it FEELS expensive. (Which it should because it is.)

This Natural Deodorant That Marianne Loves.
SO I have been on a natural deodorant hunt for a while. Schmidt’s worked well but gave me a rash. Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin (geranium scent) worked well but stained my clothes (I think because it’s coconut oil based, it was almost like an oil stain). So I finally got my hands on a stick of Megababe Rosy Pits and I think it’s my holy grail deodorant. It smells great but not overpowering, it works well (sometimes I do have to reapply if I’m going out at night but that’s nbd), leaves no residue, doesn’t stain, and even helps some with dryness which is a nice bonus. The packaging is super cute and feels weighty and nice. The literal only downside is it’s always sold out (I actually ordered two sticks just in case I loved it, figuring it could sell the second one if I didn’t), and it’s $18 for a damn stick of deodorant. However, the product is very firm and only a little seems to come off with every use, if that makes sense. I feel like I blew through a stick of the softer Schmidts in like a month, this bar definitely seems like it will last considerably longer. Recommend!

A Recommendation Request.
Y'all I am doing a lot more yoga these days and my mat is the saddest thing you've ever seen. I think I bought it at Marshalls, like, 7 years ago? It's grey and it sheds little bits of mat all over me. HOT. Anyway, it's time for a grown-ass mat. What do you love? I'm considering a couple different Manduka mats (the Eko or the X) or maybe this Lululemon mat? I'm mainly doing Vinyasa and hate it when my hands slip, which seems to happen a lot with my current mat. What do I not know about? Help.


  1. First time commentor but long time reader! I have had the same (excellent) Manduka Pro mat for almost ten years and it looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. It’s extra long, which I love, thicker and more grippy then any of the shitty mats I had used before. There is really no comparison, in fact. You will see how much your life will improve once you get a good mat! Keep us posted; love your blog!

    1. Thank you! I have confused myself about the different Manduka mats and which one I need, so this helps.

  2. I bought a B Mat when I started doing hot yoga and I love it! It's also good for any kind of yoga, not just hot, but your hands and feet WILL NOT SLIP. It's a bit pricey but if you do yoga once or twice a week, it's worth it.

  3. OMG a couple of weeks ago they were filing season two of Killing Eve right down the street from my house! I walked right past Jodie Comer, who is so much smaller in person and seems delightful. There were other people milling around but...spoilers. And as far as the mat, I do love my Manduka EKO, but I am sweaty so I also use a towel.

  4. I think I have a Maduka Eko and I love it. My one disclaimer is that the thickness is both a pro and a con. I really like the extra cushioning for anything where you're more on the ground but for standing poses you're slightly less stable as the surface isn't as firm.

    I'm also not sure if the Eko is good for hot yoga (I think it degrades the material faster).

    But yes... a good yoga mat is definitely a worthwhile investment.

  5. I also love the B Mat. You will not slip on this mat!

  6. I had real problems with slipping until I bought the Manduka Eko mat! I prefer the thin version. It's held up for well over a year.

  7. If Marianne hasn't tried the Tarte vegan deodorant, I recommend it. I'm on my second stick. Aluminum-free. Love it!

  8. I have been using a Jade mat 3x per week for about 2 years and it is starting to wear out. This week I bought a Manduka PROlite from REI. I haven't used it yet, so no proper review but it's 4.5mm thick and isn't super heavy. REI have some mats on sale right now and yogaoutlet is worth checking out too (that's where I got my Jade at a good price).

  9. On a deod quest myself - am currently loving Ursa Major. Makes your armpits tingly but doesn't have a noticeable scent which was a thing I needed.

  10. Agazelle! I've had a Manduka mat (eco), but Agazelle is AMAZING. Same price range, if not a bit cheaper.


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