Thursday, October 25, 2018

We Discuss: Everlane Again. And Again.

M: Man Everlane is TRYING TO WIN ME BACK.


A: Well...I do want a new sweater.

M: I am trying to not take the bait but.

M: I want a camel coat and to try the new straight leg pants.

M: And there’s a striped cashmere sweater:

M: And some shoes I like.

M: halp

A: SHUT UP ABOUT THE STRIPED CASHMERE (which I will probably buy.)

A: Aw crap, these boots:

M: I like the loafers.

A: which one?


A: Oooh, of course

A: I am not really a loafer person but those look nice.

A: They really know what they’re doing putting that striped cashmere sweater on an average-sized model.

M: Ugh I KNOW.

A: Like, it’s easy to dismiss the thin models wearing stuff because everything looks good hanging off their bony wing-like shoulders but that girl has boobs and everything and now I want it.

M: Same same.

M: I REALLY like this dammit:

A: Ugh, that is beautiful. Oh, Everlane. Why.

M: 😢


  1. Those boots have been in and out of my cart multiple times. Please order them and review (I will have to pay international shipping).

  2. I had been OUT on Everlane after sending back four different tops/sweaters that in no way matched the size charts measurements a couple years ago. But then they started showing real butts and thighs in jeans and for the first time in history I love my jeans. And that was it. I'm back in.

    The oversized blazer is soooo good.

  3. I have the straight-leg pants in the mustard-y color and looooove them. They garner compliments with every wear.


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