Wednesday, October 17, 2018

We Discuss: WTF, Sunday Riley.

M: Whoa this is interesting.


M: I mean Sunday Riley has never worked for me so that’s kind of satisfying in a weird way.

A: But, Drunk Elephant is shady too and I’m sure most small cosmetic companies do this shit.

A: Drunk Elephant used to be WonderBar, remember?

M: Oh I know.


M: Those crazy bitches!

A: That said, I do really love SR Juno Oil and Ceramic Slip. A lot.

M: It’s like...I want to support small businesses but I also can’t trust them apparently.

A: I am so conflicted. Like, I want to buy from trustworthy companies but how do we even know?

A: RMS? Kiehl’s?

M: I trust Kiehl’s

M: I don’t even know why.

A: At least they’re super established and seem like they don’t need fake reviews, you know?

M: exactly.

A: And I looooove the cleansing oil. It arrived yesterday:

A: It’s really good.

M: Isn’t it great?

A: Really nice.

M: it just melts everything off.

A: It does! And feels less sludgy than the balm I’ve been using.

M: I think it will last a lot longer too. I have been using it since I visited you and have only used about an inch, inch and a half of the bottle

A: How many pumps do you use?

M: About one and a half? One doesn’t feel like quite enough but two is too much.

A: I think I used two last night but I also wear that Japanese mascara which is no joke.

M: Yeah my mascara comes off with warm water (shit is magical) but it removes my serious eyeliner like a dream.

A: I just love the whole Midnight Recovery line. Take my money, Kiehl’s.

M: saaaame.

M: I am getting low on the oil and the vitamin c and I think I have to reorder! My skin is so happy with it

A: How often do you use the Vitamin C stuff?

M: Pretty much every night

M: I’m probably not supposed to but I never read the directions whoops.

M: And I really don’t understand why I can’t use that mask all the time, what’s it going to do make my face fall off.

A: I have no idea! I just follow directions because it’s how I’m wired.

M: I think because I started with samples (and now I’m remembering it was a 10 day sample that said to use it daily so I stuck with that.)

A: Apparently you can use the Vit C every day.

M: whew

M: Because I sure am.

A: I might try this when I run out:

A: Burn off those dark spots!

M: ooh

A: Or, we can go back to thinking everything is snake oil. SUNDAY RILEY.

A: I am still mad.

M: I don’t blame you!

A: PS. I got this body wash at Target and it’s so nice and inexpensive and pretty much not full of poison:

M: Oh nice!

M: I don’t use body wash I just use a bar of dove soap like a monster.

A: Oh, I use Dove too. It's a classic.

M: That said if you don’t think I want this you don’t know me at all:

A: Oh shit.


A: That is the fancy candle of body wash.

M: man.

M: Those assholes.


M: Speaking of candles! I am easing into candle season and Trader Joe's has some that are cheap and cheerful.

M: They have a vanilla pumpkin one and a honey crisp apple one and if you burn them TOGETHER it’s like fall magic.

M: And they are $3 each.

A: So affordable! I am really trying to not buy the Diptyque candle that smells like a wood fire.

A: But, I can’t do vanilla pumpkin anything because no.

M: Oh I know I normally would not be down but it’s very warm and nice especially with the apple.

A: They all sound like horrible air fresheners that people use in the bathroom at work.

M: Hahahahaha

A: So, like, then the bathroom smells like Pumpkin Spice Poop.

M: Fine fine I will keep my delicious fall smells to myselffff.



  1. I'm basically here for the puppy. But I have to recommend the Japanese DHC line, which is reasonable and fantastic and straightforward.

    1. Oh, I've used that! It was a million years ago when they were the only ones with an oil cleanser. I should try DHC again.

  2. I just tried The Inkey List collagen serum and am loving it. Going to try their lactic acid next. The downside is that I had to buy it from Feel Unique and the shipping is so slow.

    1. I've never heard of this! Will definitely check it out.

    2. Just so you know, Cult Beauty is the seller that carries The Inkey List's Vitamin C serum. Feel Unique carried The Inkey List's Vitamin C serum and it sold out a couple times and then they announced they weren't carrying the Vitamin C serum anymore. So, if you try other The Inkey List products at Feel Unique and want to branch out, Cult Beauty is the place for Vitamin C. It's 30% Vitamin C. My mother, who's using it, so far likes it.


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