Wednesday, October 31, 2018

BUY THIS (Because I Already Did): J.Crew Continues to Stalk Me.

Right now J.Crew is offering 40% off of full-priced fall favorites with code BOO. I went in all scientific, like, I AM GOING TO WRITE A BLOG ENTRY AND THIS IS DEFINITELY RESEARCH AND I AM NOT SHOPPING...OH. And then I bought this:

Oops. It  comes in several colors, gets rave reviews, is a bit dressy and it's machine washable! How could I not? There's also a very pretty velvet version that would be great for winter parties (because sleeves.) And heyyyy, my western chambray shirt is part of this sale:

This shirt is one of those things that you don't think you need and then can't remember how you lived without it. It just works. ALSO: 

My Liberty print shirt is on sale and they have three other prints including this dark floral that I LOVE. (I think one crazy floral print shirt is all I need though. I'm resisting this one.) It would look so cute with these: 

Right? These ruby red suede slides are just the thing for fall and are slightly witchy which I enjoy. Now, here is my Going Out Blazer in velvet:

That is the kind of thing you could throw over a sparkly dress and be totally festive and warm. I'm very invested in making sure you don't freeze to death, apparently. Related: 

Grey velvet jeans, where have you been all my life? Sheesh. These also come in a bunch of colors but I am alllll about this grey. They look cozy too. And finally, again with the beetles: 

I mean, come ON. Who doesn't want some shiny little beetle earrings 40% off?  Maybe you don't but I definitely do.


  1. I bought that faux wrap shirt too! I actually bought it for a wedding but went with something else instead... But I'm planning on wearing the hell out of it come holiday season. And I own like a million liberty print shirts. They're my favorites.

  2. Uuuugh, I love the velvet blazer, but I am holding out for one (that is not $700) in a charcoal grey. 2 years and counting so far. Maybe year 3 will be it!

  3. I bought that faux wrap top last year and it look TOTALLY bizarre on me - I am tall and bought a tall size, but the waist hit at the wrong place, the top was still too short, etc... does anyone know if they're updated it for this year?

  4. OK I just bought the wrap shirt too in both velvet & crepe, and I have no idea what the reviewers are talking about because it fits SO WEIRDLY. I am not tall (5-3) but the top was still WAY short on me, it is practically a crop top. It's like an empire waist crop top which is not a flattering look on a 45 year old, medium-sized, short lady. Only the velvet one has arrived -- I am hoping the crepe will be better!

    1. Oh no! I got my crepe top (I sized up per the reviews) and it fits really well. I hope the crepe works for you!

    2. The crepe was better but still not great! Sadly I think these don't work for me...bummer because they are so pretty & well made!

    3. I'm sorry it didn't work for you!