Monday, October 29, 2018

Review: Rothy's Leopard Flats (and an outfit)

Hey all! I hadn't really intended on a second Rothy's review (my first review is here) so soon but quite a few of you bought a pair through my $20 off link (thank you!) so I used my credits for the pair of leopard print flats I had my eye on. Wheee. They arrived quickly and I immediately put them on my feet:

They are cute! A bit more subtle than I was expecting (my red pair is SO RED) but I've already worn them several times. Interestingly, the issues I had with my red points are not issues with the rounded toe flats. This pair was immediately comfortable and required no breaking in at all. My heels are very happy about that. Also, the insoles that come with the rounded toe flats are quite a bit more cushy and substantial. I don't really get why it would be so different but they are much thicker and don't move around at all, so I don't think I'll replace them. I went with my usual size 8 for these and that was the right decision - they fit perfectly. 

I like pairing my patterned shoes with an otherwise pretty basic look because unexpected details are my favorite. I'm wearing an old Ann Taylor ponte top (with side zips that I always forget to photograph.) It's actually really similar to this side zip top which I want now. Thanks a lot, Ann Taylor.  I'm also wearing my awesome Madewell skinny jeans which I can't recommend enough. I have been wearing them a TON. 

I added a few grey details to tie everything in - my labradorite pendant from Target which is sold out but this one is really similar.  I'm also taking a break from my Liberty tote and carrying my trusty old MBMJ hobo (in red here and similar style here).

A final look at my little leopard flats! It's hard to see, but they have a bright red racing strip down the back, which is such a fun detail. If you're tempted, shop through my link and you'll get $20 off your first purchase! (Full disclosure: I will also get a $20 credit.)


  1. Hmmm. I love my round toe Rothys so this warned me off springing for the pointed toe version. Sounds like the pointed toe flats are not as comfortable.

    1. I love my pointed toe pair - they're pretty comfortable now that they've broken in, but the round toe are definitely easier all around and have a better insole.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation of the Madewell Tencel jeans. I tried them last time I was near the store and I LOVE them. Now I might need another pair...

  3. Oh, I also forgot - I have a Rothy's question. How porous are they? I live in the PNW, so shoes that let the water in are a no-go for fall/winter/spring.


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