Monday, October 1, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Has My Number.

STOP CALLING ME J.CREW. Seriously, it's getting creepy how obsessed with me you are.

Okay, let me back up. Over the weekend Kate and I went to the mall to return various online purchases (ahem, all the pants I ordered from Loft) and she needed to return something to J.Crew so I innocently went with her with no intention of tounching or trying on ANY CARNIGANS OR ANYTHING even though everything was 30% off (use code POPUP on the website.)

Suddenly, I found myself in front of a rack full of things that were basically just for me. HERE YOU GO, ADRIEN. HERE HERE HERE. So, I tried on some things and tounched some other things and ugh. You know:

This Tippi sweater is very on-theme and I would've bought it in a second if they'd had my size.

I petted these but managed to resist trying them on. They're beautiful IRL.

THIS. This might be the black blazer I actually purchase! I love the flat lapel. So cool. 

Midi length isn't for me, but I think this dress is beautiful. The color was really rich.

I tried these on and the length didn't hit me right but I love them in theory.

I love this! I reached for it and then remembered I'd just bought something similar. Oops.

Oh, Liberty print. I cannot resist you. I bought this. 

I stared this coat down so hard I probably gave it the creeps. Full circle, J.Crew. Your move.


  1. I have that jacket in black and in grey, and it is fantastic! In fact, I just wore the black one to give a big important talk, and felt like a million bucks, and will maybe even get a promotion because of it. The talk, not the jacket, but maybe the jacket?

    Anyway, buy the jacket.

    1. Well, you've sold it to me. Good luck on the promotion!

  2. Ahem - 40% off now - BIGSALE

  3. Annnnnd just saw today's post w/ that code. Ignore me.


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