Monday, October 8, 2018

We Discuss: Weekly Purchases.

A: Blog Science question! Did you buy anything last week?

M: I did! I was all excited to show you my cute H&M leopard dress that I’m wearing today to lure you to love them and it’s not on the website UGH.

A: What the hell, H&M.

A: Can you take a selfie? I need to seeeee.

M: I mean it’s literally a leopard sack but it’s cute:

A: Okay, that is ADORABLE.

A: And your boots!

M: Favorite boots.

A: I would like to wear boots one day.

M: But yes it’s a VERY cute dress, I may have to dry clean it because it cannot get even one inch shorter.

M: I decided I could do booties with short sleeves/short dress and not die.

A: I am not there yet and even though I love the warm weather I’m getting impatient.

A: Have you worn your Anthro jacket yet?

M: I haven’t! It’s too damn hot! But supposedly fall is coming all at once on Thursday.

A: We are apparently getting tropical storm remnants on Thursday. Yay.

M: Oh and I got another H&M dress but I need to have the waist taken in.

A: I want to see the other dress, pls.

A: PS. I also bought something.

M: What did you get.

A: I got amazing Tencel skinny jeans from Madewell.

A: I actually found a jeans hole in my closet!

M: Hahahahahaha

A: Hear me out. I did not have a normal pair of skinny blue jeans that I could wear to work.

M: Oh I’m laughing because I bought Emergency Jeans at Anthropologie when I was in NY and they are...different.

A: Oh boy.

M: But I love them.

M: Wait you can wear jeans to work now?

A: Only on Friday or when I can sort-of disguise them as regular pants.

M: Ah

A: These:

M: Those are pretty.

A: They have special magic front pockets that just suck everything in and they run a bit large so you can size down and be all, “See? I'm still a size whateverwhatever. Everything is fine nothing to see here.”

A: Tell me about your Anthro jeans.

M: You will hate them.

M: Or at least not approve.

M: However I wore them to keynote a crafty/maker summit and they were cute and very comfy:

A: I don’t hate them! Not my style but VERY cute.

M: They were a desperation purchase in NY because I left my jeans on the drying rack at home and I wanted something different so I felt justified.

A: I'm not sure how you could have NOT bought them.

M: The leopard dress is nowhere to be found and I can’t find the other one EITHER jeez.

M: However how cute would this be with an olive jacket and sneakers??

A: Ugh, I love that.

A: 114 leopard items on H&M's website and your dress is not one of them?

M: Dude I know. I'm 99% sure this is the same dress in black (they just don't have it in leopard.)

M: The mint green dress in the second pic is the other one I bought.

A: Cute!

M: It runs huge, I bought an 8 and still need the waist taken in.

A: Dang.

M: But the fabric is very pretty.

A: I never find anything at H&M.

M: Officially giving up on finding the leopard dress.

M: It’s very hit or miss but when it’s a hit it’s so good.

M: The William Morris collaboration looks interesting, some gorgeous patterns:

A: It’s very Liberty of London meets Florence Welch!

M: Which I’m verrrry into.

A: It’s so you.

M: I just want to wear sack dresses and booties forever.

A: #truth

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  1. It's funny, I found it on the Slovene H&M site (that's where I am from):
    I guess you got the European version ;)


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