Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We Discuss: Wish Lists and Sheep Farms.


A: I literally had to make a list.

M: Ha! Like what? I actually NEED clothes and can’t figure out where to even look.

A: I need a couple of new sweaters. I really want another Everlane cashmere sweater but I liked last year’s striped version better and can’t find it.

M: Boo

A: I like this one.

A: But this is the one I should’ve bought LAST YEAR:

M: I just need clothes that fucking fit.

A: I feel you on that.

M: I can’t freeze/wear the same five outfits all winter.

A: Nope, that is not allowed.

A: I also want those Thursday Chelsea boots in olive:

M: They are pretty!

A: Those will happen.

M: I am in love with my new-to-me black Mars boots.

A: Yay! Those were a steal. Poshmark, man.

M: Seriously I’m so pleased.

A: I’m glad you went for it.

A: I want more of my fancy underwear.

M: I just can’t get excited about anything. Winter ennui has set in early.

A: Not me! I want another long-sleeved tee from Everlane:

A: I have one in black but want another. They're perfect for layering under the v-neck sweater.

M: That’s good.

A: I just unpacked my winter clothes and was aghast at how ratty everything is. I’ve been wearing the same purple J.Crew cashmere sweater since 2012?

A: I can only shave that thing so many times before I shave through it.

M: Replacing basics is so boringggggg.

A: Truly hateful.

A: But, I have a bunch of fun new things I’m enjoying so I need to fill in the holes with basic boring shit.

M: That’s good! I need some fun things and instead keep getting shoes because SHOES ALWAYS FIT.


M: I did get those Madewell sale jeans and they are VERY unflattering but also SO COMFY I just keep wearing them anyway.

A: Oh, do tell!

M: They are very “I own a sheep farm in Scotland.”

A: Hey, I would go to a sheep farm in Scotland.

A: I’ll bet the sweaters are quite warm.

M: Same

M: I keep reading books set in the far northern Scottish islands and I think I want to be there.

A: I desperately want to go and Fred keeps reminding me that it’s cold there. NOT THE POINT.

M: I know it’s cold but that’s what my mood requires. BROODING.

A: What are you reading?

M: Jenny Colgan...The Endless Beach.

M: Also read The Bookshop on the Corner.

A: Oh, I like her books!

M: Her books are very cozy and unchallenging.

A: Yes. And sometimes that’s exactly what I need.

M: Endless beach has a lot of baked goods in it which fits my mood.

A: I enjoy books with good food descriptions.

M: Same

A: Basically, I just want to swath myself in cashmere and hunker down with all the scones

A: And some gin.

M: Yup

M: And some sturdy boots and sheep farmer jeans.

A: Oh, yes to both.

A: sheep farmer jeans is not really a marketable idea.

M: Listen I am judging neither farmers OR sheep. I want to join them.

A: I’m in.

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