Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sequined Joggers: Full Circle.

A: I have closed out, like, six online shopping cart windows today.

M: Yeah just πŸ™…

A: The deals are so good but I don’t NEED any of it.

M: Nope.

A: I have to keep reminding myself that I’m actually trying to get rid of stuff, not get more stuff.

M: Right and no, no you don't need sequined joggers, you really don't.

A: Shit. I do, though.

M: I do too.

A: Why. For where.

M: For...a Christmas party...?

A: A Christmas party I throw myself. Just me and the bourbon and the cookies.

M: And your fancy, fancy sweatpants.

A: I love this idea.

M: Pair with your favorite gin sweater and Uggs!

M: Party on.

A: But seriously, where do I get sequined joggers.

M: Better question is where DON'T you.

A: HOLY shit:

M: So many.

M: But Shana is to blame.

A: Those are so cute on her.

A: I want the Target pair. Who am I?

M: That Target pair will make you cry like it's Election night.

A: Too soon, Marianne.

M: 😭😭😭

A: Do you think I can wear sequined joggers to work?

M: "Work"

A: So, no.

A: I can just seriously think of MANY ways sequined joggers can fit into my everyday wardrobe:  Lounge. Party lounge. Pre-gym. Post-gym. Pre-race. Post-race. Podium pics. Liquor store run. Target run. They just make everything fancier.

M: Pre-lounge.

A: Yes.

A: Actually, probably not for Lounge because sequins aren’t comfortable.

M: Chafe city.

A: So festive, so poke-y.


M: I leave for Mexico soon!

A: Mexico? How did I not know about this?

M: Chris's best friend’s wedding.

A: Oh, how nice to be able to get away!

M: I'm looking forward to it.

A: Yay. What are you going to wear to the wedding?

M: No idea. A sack.


M: Duh

A: If not in Mexico, where.

M: Sand + sequins

A: ✨✨✨✨✨✨


  1. I had this same conversation with myself this year... and last year. And then my sister showed up last week with a pair of not-too-tight silver sequined skinny pant/leggings for my daughter and I wished they came in my size and now I'm having the conversation again. We don't need sequin joggers but dammit if they don't look amazing!

    1. I honestly feel like they'd make everything a little better. A little fancier. More disco.

  2. So funny and so true for most of us! 😐

  3. You two are the disco ball of blogging. YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE!11!!!11!!!

  4. I just found these pants on the clearance rack at Kohls for 6 bucks lol! I was walking by and they caught my eye. They were 90% off of $60. My husband said they were ugly but I just couldn't pass them up. I have absolutely nowhere to wear them to but I had to have them. I was just googling to find out how these are worn and I saw this forum.


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