Wednesday, November 2, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Clearance Finds.

Because I am really just basically your best friend I trolled the entire clearance section of TJ Maxx just to see if there was anything good. You're welcome. That's what friends are for. Here's what I found:

Okay, so old habits die hard and I'm always looking for MBMJ stuff. This Leather Metropolitote Metallic Tote is not for everyone but hey, why not? Why not a quilted silver tote?

If you are the fancy-cool-clutch type, I thought this Vince Camuto Aggie Clutch was really well priced:

We are not going to talk about the McQueen handbags that are hanging out in the TJ Maxx clearance section all, "Heeeey. You still can't afford me. So sad." THANKS, I AM SAD.

There wasn't a lot of clearance jewelry but I did find this gorgeous Alexis Bittar pendant necklace:

Ooh, I know, right? Under $40! There's also this Alexis Bittar lariat style necklace but it's more expensive.

Clearance clothing is tough because usually the sizing is limited (only one left of this life-altering dress! Don't fight, ladies.) but I did find a really cute Splendid Tencel Shirt Dress:

Of course it's only available in small and extra small because ugh. To make up for it I also found this really cute Max Studio Stripe Knit Dress ($25!) and it's good up to a size large: 

Also! Plus sized ladies, I kept thinking this Julie Brown wrap dress was DVF:

That is just damn cute, right? I did check out the clearance shoes but there wasn't much going on unless you want high heeled Frye boots and also wear a size 10. But hey, I looked.

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