Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): More TJ Maxx Finds.

Okay, so Nina sent me a really great deal she found on the TJ Maxx website - a women's MBMJ watch that was super cute and it sold out before I could post it and now I'm mad. I mean, there's some other good stuff that I will share with you but that was a really damn good deal.

Now, we shall forget about the deal we missed and concentrate on this cute MBMJ Fergus watch, though it's a bit more expensive:

Cute right? And it comes in four colors! I personally like the rose gold/grey combo quite a bit. There's also a really good chunky MBMJ men's watch (which I would totally wear myself) for under $50:

Oh hey, did you know there's a new beauty section on the TJM website? It's mostly what you'd find in the store but they also have some decent discounts on Mason Pearson brushes. I don't need a fancy brush because my hair is pathetic, but maybe one of you really love them?

I found the Handy Bristle BrushPopular Mixture Bristle Nylon BrushDetangler Nylon Hair BrushSensitive Boar Bristle Brush, and the Pocket Mixture Bristle Brush. Go crazy, long hairs.

Finally, I didn't find much in the jewelry department that moved me (though I do think this weird horn necklace is oddly compelling) but this delicate asymmetrical Gorjana initial necklace is awfully pretty and under $15:

The catch is that they don't have the whole alphabet, but there's also a ring and a bracelet version. And now I'm mad there's no A available because of course there isn't. Hmph.

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