Wednesday, November 23, 2016

BUY THIS (Because I Already Did): Thanksgiving Pants.

I bought these Gap Zip Pocket Joggers last month and even though they're not, like, the most flattering pair of of pants I own, they have become the MVP of loungewear around here. When they're in the laundry pile I'm pissed off about it, is what I'm saying. They're basically everything you want in a lounge pant and would be totally perfect for hanging out on the couch after eating too much pie. Plus, they have zippered pockets to hold your Chapstick or Xanax or whatever else you need to get you through the holiday.

And! Because no way should you spend $50 on glorified sweatpants, everything is 50% off right now with code TGIF50 plus 6% cash back with eBates! Get you some Thanksgiving Pants. Also, while you're there, these boots are awfully cute.


  1. keep your Xanax... I'm dying over here... Happy Tday from a long time reader!


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thanks for reading. :)


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