Monday, November 14, 2016

Adrien: Fall Uniform.

Hi hi hi. I'm back with another "this is my uniform" weekend outfit but really, this is what I'd wear pretty much every single day if I could get away with it:


I'm wearing my Everlane Heavyweight Tee which is probably not the most flattering thing I own but oh man, I love it so much. It's got that good Breton shape and is heavy enough that it's more like a light sweater than a t-shirt. I really want another one and I'm thinking the grey/black colorway? It reminds me of this Boden top that I wanted but missed out on. My jeans are Fidelity Sola skinnies and they've been a great purchase. I wear these and my Madewell coated jeans the most. They just fit so well. 

It was not very warm on Saturday so I added a scarf and my Madewell Beckett jacket, which I never show in it's zipped up state, so here you go. I mean, the (faux) leather trim just makes it, right? This Etienne Marcel jacket has similar cool details but is more than I'd spend. I honestly just love the Madewell Fleet jacket. It's streamlined but still really cool. I mean, the dark metal colorway? That is it. 

On to details! 

My usual Cluse rose gold watch and a necklace made by Eliza Spell, who also happens to be the sister of my close friend Ashley. Eliza also owns a really amazing jewelry shop in town called Nine Roses that makes me want All The Things. Be warned. 

This bag, you guys. I'm sorry I can't seem to stop using it but it's just good. This deep blue version on eBay is a decent deal and this is a very fair price for a NWT in black*.  If I were to lose my mind and buy a new Marc Jacobs hobo, it would be this one. So pretty! But... I like to eat so my bargain pick is this surprisingly sleek hobo at Kohls

My scarf! This is from Ann Taylor from several years ago. I also have a skirt in this print and another scarf in the red leopard version. They currently have this cheetah print scarf which I think is awfully pretty but this one at Mango looks a lot more like mine.

Finally, my chelsea boots. These are from Madewell and I love them and highly recommend. Comfortable right out of the box! They're nearly gone on the Madewell site but Shopbop has a few sizes left. Though really, there are so many good chelsea boot options out there. I want most of them. 

*As always when I suggest eBay items, please contact the sellers with questions and do your research! I can't guarantee these things. 

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