Monday, July 11, 2016

What I Wore on Vacation.

I'm back! I had every intention of posting an outfit this morning but a flight delay got me home late last night and I somehow managed to turn off my alarm in my sleep. SO. As you can imagine, I feel really great today. So awake.

Instead of an outfit, I'm going to tell you a fascinating tale about what I wore on my vacation. I should start by saying that I suuuuuuck at packing. I rarely travel so I don't have a lot of practice and I always end up bringing a ton of stuff I don't wear.

For the Knoxville leg of my vacation it didn't matter much because I drive there, so I can basically bring everything I own and have lots of options to ignore. For the Chicago leg I carried one medium sized duffle bag so I packed really light...and still managed to bring stuff I didn't wear. It's a gift.

Here's what I wore the most (which is also true in life):

First, my very casual space dye dress (mine is a random TJ Maxx brand that you can see here.) It's a total summer workhorse. It worked well as a sundress, a swimsuit coverup, and was also super comfortable on the plane ride to Chicago. Mostly I wore cut-offs and t-shirts. I mean, it's summer in TN.

I also wore my new Boden bikini (On sale right now! I have the halter top and tie-side bottom it in navy.) which ended up being a good quality but inexpensive option for me. While in Knoxville we spent an amazing day on a pontoon boat so I wore my Altheta Kata swim shorts with the Boden bikini top and was comfortable all day:

(By the way, I'm wearing Oakley aviators and Marianne is wearing Ray-Ban Erikas which earned her a "Hey, cooool 'Bans" comment from the cute teenage boy working at the marina.)

My Daydreamer brand Bowie tee was a TJ Maxx find by Marianne and it's my holy grail Bowie shirt! The one pictured is the same brand but mine looks like this:

It's the perfect worn-in drapey tee that I'd been searching for but couldn't find online and I can't stop wearing it. My Chicago wardrobe was pretty much the same but I switched out shorts for Banana Republic distressed skinny jeans because the weather was so glorious:

I'm wearing them with my split-back Old Navy Tank and my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals which got a LOT of mileage this past week. They're awesome. While I was in Chicago, my friend Ashley took me to Uniqlo where we tried on prrrrrretty much everything:

Then I made her take selfies with me because that's how I do.

Things I packed but did not wear in Knoxville: Half of what I brought. Things I packed but did not wear in Chicago: shorts, long sleeved peasant top. Thing I wore in both places that I should probably burn: my drapey black cardigan that is now traumatized from being balled up in my purse, shoved in my carry-on bag and other similar abuses. It's having a day of rest at home and I'm wearing my new teal Uniqlo cardigan instead.

That's my vacation wrap-up! I will be back with an outfit tomorrow unless I oversleep again. It's a very real possibility.

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  1. Yay vacation!!! I want to hear about your uniqlo haul.