Monday, July 18, 2016

Adrien: That HG Item.

A few days before I left for Knoxville I spent a lunch break fruitlessly searching for one of my Holy Grail items. I wanted a Bowie tee, but not just any tee. Basically, I wanted this one but not so expensive and not cashmere blend (wut) and not quite so distressed. I wanted it to look worn in and the graphics had to be well done, not like this $160 crap. (How did that happen?) I also wanted it to be cut for a woman and either black or grey. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS. It's hard. Then two days later Marianne plucked it off a rack at TJ Maxx and handed it to me all casual-like: 

It's now my favorite t-shirt. It's really, really thin and I have to be careful because I think it's made from tissue paper, but man, I love this shirt. The brand is Daydreamer and they make all kinds of cool drapey graphic tees. I personally love this Ramones tee and, heh, I wouldn't mind having this Nope tee either. They also do a decent T. Rex. I approve. 

I get a little obsessed with making it the perfect amount of careless-slouchy which was captured here:

WTF am I doing with my face? I don't even know. I'm wearing my HG tee with distressed cut off shorts from Old Navy. My particular pair has sold out but these are pretty cute and this pair at Madewell is basically perfect. And ooh, how cute is this denim skirt?  Let us carry on to details:

My awesome little silver wings necklace was made by my friend Tere of My Precious Studio. Highly recommend. I'm also wearing my Cluse La Bohème watch and a Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike bracelet. The fancier encrusted version is on sale! 

This little snakeskin crossbody bag from Old Navy has been great this summer. It's inexpensive, lightweight and cute as hell. If snakeskin isn't for you it also comes in a few neutral colors and in silver! Damn, the silver version is really cute. My shoes are Lotta From Stockholm peep toes and I love the having a little red to echo the Bowie graphic on my t-shirt. These shoes also come in silver in case you were wondering. Aren't I helpful? 

So tell me, what's your Holy Grail item? What have you been searching for forever and not finding?


  1. I've been enjoying your blog now for a few months and know your love of David Bowie. I just wanted to pop in and say that I saw a similar blue Bowie t-shirt but longer length on the JCPenney website for less than $15. It is in the juniors top section so am not sure of the fit but I thought I'd point it out to you.