Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review: Benefit Cosmetics ka-BROW!

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You know my kryptonite, right? It's new Benefit cosmetics products. Something about the fun packaging and the promise of golden youth face miracles just sucks me right in. So, while visiting Marianne, we took a trip to Ulta together to check out the new Benefit brow line. We got our brows done by the very enthusiastic Ulta employees and by done I mean our brows were DONE-DONE. Those kids were not messing around. I liked quite a few of the new Benefit brow products (some of which are kind of odd. I mean, brow highlights? Okay.) and we both ended up buying ka-BROW!

ka-BROW! is a cream-gel color in a fancy-ass little pot that comes with a pointy lid that turns into a brush. It takes a bit of practice (and a little goes a long way) but I'm pretty happy with it. Here's a visual:

Fancy brush is fancy.
Before any brow product. 

Sadness on the left, ka-Brow on the right.

Fully ka-Brow'ed.
Not bad, right? I suspect I will eventually break or lose the brush/lid but by then I'll have moved onto some other brow product. I'm fickle that way. I was really tempted to buy the High Brow pencil because it looked so nice paired with my Ulta done-done brows but then I remembered that I own Watt's Up which is basically the exact same thing in different packaging. Also, I am still pretty fond of my NYX Wonder pencil for under-brown action and it's under $5. I mean, really. Get one already.


  1. I got a Benefit Brow sample in my Birchbox - like a wee mascara- and it is excellent. I have pretty good brows, but they need a little wrangling, and this stuff is ideal. Not too stiff, not shiny, and that bitty brush is great.

  2. Have you tried brow tinting? The Godefroy kit has been life chaniging for me.

    1. My issue is that my brows are patchy and thinning, so I don't know that tinting would be worth it for me. I'm curious, though.

  3. Where! I just bought this after my Sephora makeup application and have been happy with it too.

  4. Where! I just bought this after my Sephora makeup application and have been happy with it too.


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