Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nordstrom and Braws and Stuff.

M: I have a $10 Nordstrom Note and I feel like I must order SOMETHING but what.

A: How am I the only one that didn't get one of those?

M: I buy too much from Nordstrom*.

A: Some of the beauty deals are really good.

M: I don't really need any beauty stuff. However my Treasure & Bond flares fit me SO perfectly that I'm looking at these:

A: Oh, those are so cute! They're similar to my JCrew pair I love so much.

M: I might just get them. I bought some from Loft that I like but they are definitely summer-only, I can wear these all fall. It's nice to have something non-denim.

M: I should buy a bra or something but meh.

A:  I bought underwear and nothing else.

M: I love Nordstrom so much though. Their rewards program + 6% on ebates.


M: I order so much from them now. Stuff I used to go to Sephora/Zappos/whatever.

A: They really are pretty great - free shipping, great return policy, etc. I bought that Natori Feathers bra everyone freaks out over but I'm worried about sizing.

M: That's my fave!

A: See? Everyone loves it but I'm such a weird fit and it runs small and woe. I'm worried.

M: Yeah I just go up a cup size.

M: This looks like it might actually work for people with boobs?

A: Oh, pretty! The back is so cute. I'd love something like that but they never seem to work on me.

M: I know, I want one.

A: Me too. And, like, how cute is this Zella bra?

A: I’d fall right out of it, probably.

M: So cute!

A: Low-impact support; best for: lying quietly on your back while watching Gilmore Girls.

M: My kind of exercise really. The problem with that Free People one is band-wise I would need an XS/S and nope. Never going to work.

A: Yep, that is my problem too. I mean, I ordered a 32DDD in that Natori bra? Is that even a real size? Who am I?

M: I'm wearing a 32DDD right now, so.

A: *high five*



  1. I bought my first Natori bra from Nordstrom and wore it yesterday. I believe the hype now! High five from another DDD - I ordered a 34DDD.

    1. Yay! There's hope for me yet. I do absolutely love their Jacquard bra.

  2. *sigh* Those Treasure and Bond pants just fell into my damn cart. I have been looking for something like those (that will actully fit me) for what feels like forever, so fingers crossed!

  3. I ordered a Wacoal bra in my 36 millionty-D size and tried it today ... it's fabulous! My boobs are bouncing and behaving! So of course, I sprinted to my laptop to get more. But they're totally sold out in my size. And in most sizes. All they have left is size 40DDDD and 42DDDDDDD and stuff like that.

    I have NEVER had a store have TONS of enormous bras but nothing to fit me. Weird.

    And yeah, Nordstrom + eBates is pretty awesome at the moment. TOO BAD THEY SOLD OUT OF MY BRA.


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