Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Adrien: Heat Index Outfit.

I love summer weather even when the heat index is above 100° which I know sounds crazy. I just like being warm, you know? But, it makes dressing for work a bit challenging because what if I want to wear my favorite little sleeveless casual dress to work? Eh, I just do it anyway:

I bought this dress at Marshalls last summer and it's a weekend favorite. I can't find it online (the brand is Thyme and Honey) but this adorable Joe Fresh dress is super cute and very similar. (In purple, right?) I also recently linked to this space dye version at Eddie Bauer which looks super easy to wear. This Top Shop skater dress option is seriously cute or, hey, get fancy with M Missoni.

And, I added a bag! I sold a few of my collection (including my beloved old Hillier Hobo) and bought a new-to-me Too Hot To Handle hobo in black. I love my cement version so much that it just made sense to replace my Hillier with the newer version that already works so well for me. I dig it:

If eBay isn't your thing (and I totally understand that) definitely keep an eye out for good sales.  This Marc Jacobs Pike Place hobo is on sale and it also comes in cement! This black Kate Spade hobo also looks very similar with nice pebbly leather. Ugh, Nordstrom. Stoppit. For the bargain shopper, I think this Last Call hobo looks pretty nice. 

Details! I'm wearing my fringy pendant from Banana which is long gone, but this version has it's appeal. It's a bit disco! I also loooove this fringe bracelet. I know I make fun of BR a lot, but the jewelry is solid. My watch is my trusty Cluse La Bohème in rose gold

I'm wearing my TOMS Strappy wedges which are a great comfortable option for summertime. Mine are a metallic denim material like this Clarissa version but the Strappy wedge also comes in black canvas, cute prints and metallic suede

Yep, ruined it all with a cardigan because my office is like the Arctic circle. What can you do?


  1. It is hot AF outside but I swear I can see my breath in my office. My toes are numb. What are they trying to do to us.