Thursday, July 14, 2016

Adrien: It's Fine, I Guess.

I suspect I've used that title before. Probably more than once. Today the high is going to be 97° and since wearing a bikini to work is frowned upon I needed to wear something that didn't involve...much. This Old Navy dress that I bought last year(?) is pretty much okay for that:

It's fine, I guess. I love an inexpensive striped dress or two or three or four but this one is not my super favorite for some reason. This one at Old Navy is probably the closest to mine in fit and it's limited sizing but this blue stripe sheath is so cute! What I do like about my dress is that it works with almost any color. I thought my new Uniqlo cardigan would brighten it up: 

I mean, it's a cotton cardigan, but I love the unusual teal color and it's slouchy without being overwhelming. I tried on the Uniqlo sheer cardigan in black and didn't buy it and now I kind of wish I'd gotten it in white or grey. So good for summer. I was pretty overwhelmed, though! It's a big store. PS. If you're looking for a lightweight Spanx alternative get this. So good. 

Details! I'm wearing my encrusted Giles and Brother skinny Cortina cuff and a beaded necklace from BR that's long gone. This Minkoff necklace has a similar feel and if you want a pointy bit around your neck, I'd get this Rachel Zoe or, oooh, this Giles and Brother spike pendant is marked down to $30! Dammit. 

Ye olde MBMJ Mag Bag. There's a cute cranberry version on eBay right now but the price seems a bit high. And ooh, a gold Hillier Hobo! I don't know that I've ever seen that one before. For non-eBay bags this Liz Claiborne pewter hobo is such a good deal. 

 And, my sandals. I've had this pair for six years and they're a little dated but I love the pale gold color and they're comfortable. That said, this Michael Kors wedge would be a nice update and if money were no object? This Stuart Weitzman pair would be mine already. Yep.


  1. I'm not sure why this striped dress is not your favorite either! You look fantastic in it, I love this outfit. Kudos :) -Joy

  2. Another vote up for this outfit - I think you look super! (Jealous of your excellent cyclist legs, girl, you are looking good!)

    The cardigan is a great color, and metallic sandals are always, always a good choice.

  3. Thanks, y'all! Very sweet. :)