Monday, July 25, 2016

What's In My Bag?

I think did a post about like this once upon a time, but it's been years and my bag is kind of heavy so I thought I'd dump it all out and take pictures. Exciting, right? Totally.

Here is everything in my bag minus a few linty tissues and a handful of loose change. First, my bag:

It's a Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle hobo and it's my most-carried bag. This particular bag in this color (cement) is only available on eBay at this point but MBMJ has a few other really nice hobo bags. The Recruit bag in mink is the most similar to mine!  Here's what's in it:

My cellphone with cute GoCustomized personalized iPhone 6 case, Elegant anti-static hairbrush, Jonathan Adler coin purse (keep an eye on eBay), and a pen. Now, about my personalized phone case, which was sent to me by GoCustomized to review:

GoCustomized offers personalised phone cases in all manner of finishes. I uploaded my favorite photo from the blog and chose a wood finish, though I think the new cork case is really cool and very current. So many options! I dithered a lot but eventually settled on this combo and they shipped it to me super fast. It's a good quality, minimal case and the wood texture is really cool. Thanks, GoCustomized

My overstuffed MBMJ wallet was a lucky eBay purchase a few years ago. It's not super exciting and I should admit I'm keeping my eye on this gorgeous snakeskin nugget because holy crap is that beautiful. I also really like this cobalt blue MBMJ wallet because, you know, cobalt blue. My sunglasses are Oakley Restless which I can't find online anymore but they make great aviators for women.  My sunglasses case is some weird thing I picked up at Old Navy years ago. I love it and will use it until it's dead.

I saved my makeup bag for last! I'm using a little LeSportSac pouch that Kate gave me and it's the perfect size if you want a smaller bag that doesn't overwhelm your space. It comes in cute patterns and solid colors and is light and indestructible. I also love this dome top cosmetic bag, though it doesn't have the separate zip pockets for band aids and whatnot. In my bag I have:

 I also have something of a Chapstick addiction but we don't need to talk about that. Everything is fine and four sticks is a perfectly reasonable amount to have in your bag. I also usually have a little brow pencil in my makeup bag but it got mixed back in with my makeup stash.


  1. In my bag, I have: my phone, my (mini) wallet (more of a card holder), my extra phone charger, my keys, lip balm, my office keys & id, sunglasses, a hair tie, eye drops and throat lozenges. And whatever lipstick or gloss I'm wearing that day. I carry a teeny bag!

    But what is the purple rectangular thing you don't identify?

    1. You travel light! And ha, I totally forgot a couple of things. The purple thing is my Kindle.

  2. Hehe Chapstick. Love your bag and contents! Can you put the Averno on your face or do you use it for your hands? I must also get a cute change purse.

    1. It's for my hands but I've used it on my face (and as eye cream) in a pinch. Good stuff.

  3. Hehe Chapstick. Love your bag and contents! Can you put the Averno on your face or do you use it for your hands? I must also get a cute change purse.


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