Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Beauty: Makeup Uniform.

I am shamelessly stealing Kim France's blog topic because I loved reading about her makeup uniform - the products she uses even when she's just going out to walk the dogs or whatever. I agree with her so much on this because the older I get, the less likely I am to go out with a completely bare face. I just feel more pulled-together with my brows filled in, you know?

So, here are the products that are on my face even if I'm just running out real quick to pick something up at the store that may or may not be a bottle of wine:

First, sunscreen always. If I'm going outside, there is sunscreen on my face. My current favorite is Shiseido Senka Aging Care with SPF 50. I know this isn't makeup, I just figured it was worth a mention. If I'm just running errands or whatever, I'll wear a BB cream with sunscreen instead. Currently it's MISSHA Signature BB Cream which is nice stuff with a good high SPF and enough color to kind of blur the edges.

Concealer is my everything. If I can only have one product, it's concealer. I'm on my second tube of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye (review here) and it really is such good stuff. Its great under the eyes and also works to hide brown spots or blemishes. Definitely best if warmed up a bit and then patted on with the pointy end of a Beauty Blender, but also just fine applied with fingertips. It's waterproof and you only need a tiny bit, so a tube will last a really long time.

Benetint is one of those products I keep coming back to. I've been using it for years because nothing else I've found has the same kind of staying power. You have to work quickly but the results are very pretty and very natural.

I never used to have to fill my brows but now that they're thinning it really makes a huge difference in how I look if fill them in. It frames my whole face! When I have time I use my Benefit Ka-Brow (reviewed here) but if I'm in a rush I just fill them in quickly with a pencil. I love Anastasia's Brow Wiz (reviewed here) with the little spoolie on one end. It stays all day and the caramel color is perfect for me.

I can skip eyeshadow and liner no problem, but mascara is crucial. I always curl my lashes with my Shiseido curler and then follow with a coat or two of mascara. Right now I'm really liking Marcelle Xtension Plus but I'm also fond of Too Faced Better Than Sex (which Kim France likes too!) I save the amazing FairyDrops (review here) for when I'm doing an out-all-day face because that stuff does not budge.

Sometimes I'll apply a bit of Touche Eclat or Wonder Pencil along my browbone and on the inner corners of my eyes, but that's optional.


Finally, I need some kind of color on my lips and usually it's Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey or Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Smashed. Something I can put on without a mirror!


  1. Do you ever have problems with concealer creasing? It's my main problem with concealer. I've settled for ones with a little less coverage because they crease less (for instance, the Clé de Peau was really opaque, but I wouldn't spend so much on something that still creased!). I have heard good things about the IT Cosmetics one in terms of opacity, but I'm just hesitant to bite the bullet if it's only going to be a bit better than my usual.

    1. Honestly? They all crease on me. The IT Cosmetics one is nice because you can go a bit sheerer with it and it creases a lot less than other brands, but I have lines under my eyes and there's no way around it.

    2. Yes, that's my problem too! They all say they don't crease, and they all crease.

    3. I use Benefit Erase Paste and it's not quite as good coverage as some other under-eye concealers, but it doesn't crease. I have super dry skin.

    4. So I learned this from my favorite Over 40 YouTuber... Put a tiny dab of your concealer on your pointer fingertip (I use the IT one, too), then dab it on your other pointer finger. Pat, pat, pat your concealer right on the dark spot of your undereye circle (NOT further towards the outside where the wrinkles are). Brightens up your whole eye area with no creasing or highlighting of crows feet/wrinkles. Terrible Vlog name, but great vlogger: https://www.youtube.com/user/HotandFlashy