Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review: LOFT Blouses.

As I mentioned in my post last Friday, I did actually order a few things from the LOFT sale. I was feeling a severe lack of fun blouses in my wardrobe so that's what I went for, though I didn't really realize until later that I'd ordered the same blouse in two different colorways. Oops. Anyway, we'll ignore whatever weird thing my bangs are doing and start with this one:

This is the Utility Blouse in purple moon. I really loved this color especially but it also comes in a bunch of other colors and patterns, including a squirrel print! I'm generally fond of utility-style blouses which is great because LOFT really likes utility. Like, a lot. 

I'm wearing the small and it fits pretty well. I am also twitching because I wish I'd unbuttoned that second button but too late now. It's currently on sale (but is final sale in this color, so be warned.) Guess that means I'm keeping it!  I also got the Midnight Vine Utility Blouse:

This one is exactly the same as the first one but it's a bit more of a mulberry color and has a really cute print. The sleeves are too long on me but most sleeves are, so I just deal.

Isn't the print cute? The orange bits are brighter IRL. I'm actually wearing it today and it's making me happy. I'll post an outfit soon! The Midnight Vine blouse a good one and a nice shot of color for fall/winter. Okay, the last one is my big question mark:

This is the Blossom Mixed Media Lantern Blouse. It is very...sleeve-heavy. Like, there is a LOT of sleeve going on here with the lantern sleeve. LOFT is really into it but I'm not sure I am. Also, I worry that the tiny print looks like 1980's wallpaper, but maybe I'm just being ridiculous. I like that it's easy and flowy and has a split neck:

But see how the lantern sleeves are much fuller from the elbow down? Is this leaning too "1980s Wallpaper Goes to the Ren Faire" or what?  Heh:

I don't even remember taking that. In it's defense I will say the Blossom Mixed Media Lantern Blouse fits well and, while the back looks identical, it's actually made of a soft knit so it's really, really comfortable. Keep or return? What say you?

If I have somehow managed to tempt you at all, LOFT is currently giving an extra 40% off all tops right now, are there are a few I kind of wish I'd ordered, like this Shadow Floral blouse (it could go either way, right?) and this Deco Blossom Modern Henley. Yay for crazy prints!


  1. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was "oooh...the wallpaper in my 1980's dollhouse" ;) I think return...but the utility blouse is great!

  2. Not really a fan of that last one but the utility blouses look fantastic on you!

  3. I actually really like the print ��. But the sleeves are pretty bad. I would return. The other two look great!

  4. I think the fuller sleeves make for a nice fresh silhouette without being crazy. And the print is saved by the dark background. Flip it and it really would be wallpaper. So I say keep it.


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