Wednesday, July 1, 2020

We Discuss: Our Day Gown Cult.

M: I'm wearing one of my very favorite floaty H&M dresses. Behold, I am your leader. I mean, I would be a good cult leader

A: I'm pretty sure I'm already in your cult, honey. It's not so bad and the dresses are really pretty.

M: I think the key with a cult is you get, like, minions to deal with the riffraff then you have your core group.  I told my friend K how to find flowy dresses on H&M and she was like, I WILL be in your cult! So we already have a member! It's so exciting.

A: That is exciting! We can be a small cult. We should recruit maybe a few more people but that's a solid start.

M: I feel like it's antithetical to a cult to have it be small but I just want to hang out with people I like and wear comfortable clothes and maybe sit in the sun. That sounds nice, right?

A: What you're describing just sounds like hanging out with friends? We need some structure - a mission statement! Some kind of monetary gain? Plus, a little bit of cult worship for us. Just the basics.

M: Well, I think what you're describing is just being an Instagram influencer, so maybe we just make money by telling people what to buy.

A: Um.

M: You need a dress. I am going to send you Marianne’s Cult Leader Picks.

A: Yay!

M: Starting with this:

M: In white but that leopard print is fun as shit

A: I have that saved! I love the leopard but it’s nearly sold out

M: A few more:

M: You’ve already shown this one I think but I still love it

A: Yes yes, it deserves a repeat

A: This one is pretty and has lots of cult-wear potential:

M: THATS MY DRESS! It was sold out before.

A: Yay! It's so perfect.

M: Just ask yourself: Could I fit everyone in my family underneath it?

M: Also is this touching my body in more than two places? If the answer is no, then yes, you have scored.

A: I love this color:

M: Yes, I love that.

A: I thought this one was really pretty too:

M: I love that too!

M: For when you want to dress as an actual circus tent:

A: That one has a real cool-cult flair

M: I am sad this one is sold out because I think it’s stunning

A: That is a night gown.

M: Girl


M: These are all nightgowns. That's the point.


M: Into it!

M: H&M is hilarious though. Like a gorgeous gown and then this

A: That is not cult-appropriate

M: A different cult

A: Ours is the prettiest

M: And comfy

A: Above all. And we have good snacks

M: Aways


  1. You have to check out the Articles of Interest podcast by 99% Invisible. It talks about the details of clothing--like where do pockets come from and why do men wear suits. Very fun and interesting sartorial content. :-)

    1. Oh, yes! This is a favorite of mine that made our recent podcast list. It's so well-done!

  2. Have you seen ? My aunt bought me one as a gift, and I am in love!