Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We Discuss: Watermelon Sugar and Shoes of Our Youth.

M: I have a problem to discuss

M: It’s terribly Basic

A: Shoot

M: Well, it’s about Harry Styles

A: oh no

M: Listen

M: It was bound to happen

A: You know who loves Harry Styles?

M: Me?

A: My older sister

M: Haaaa

M: He is genetically engineered to make middle aged ladies feel something

A: Agree, he’s cute as hell

M: I mean I watched that Watermelon Sugar video and literally laughed out loud but

M: I guess it worked

A: I have no knowledge of this video

M: He is just extremely my type 20 years ago

M: Oh girl

M: I’ll wait

M: I insist

M: Go

M: Watch

A: Fine, okay

M: It’s really something

A: Harry Styles is 26 years old which I would like to unknow

M: I mean at least he’s not 19

M: I’m reading a book that is thinly veiled smutty One Direction fanfic so that’s the real problem

A: Hahahaha

M: Anyway it’s called The Idea of You so tell your sister it’s right up her alley

A: So far I’m unmoved by this video

M: Haha it’s just so RIDICULOUS

M: It’s just here you go horn dog old ladies

A: Hahahaa

M: Like, just hang out on the beach, Harry

A: He’s REAL CUTE tho

M: He really is

A: But he knows it

M: Just eat some watermelon

M: Oh for sure

M: But it works

A: I mean, he’s genetically so cute it’s annoying

M: With his pearls and chipped painted nails and FUCKING Peter Pan collars good Christ

A: I would be insane for him if I was 15

A: He gives me Young Johnny Depp feels

M: I can see that

M: He gives me Mick Jagger vibes

M: But like nicer and more charming

A: Definitely less gross


A: What was the white Nike sneaker you we’re talking about?

M: Air Force 1s

M: Why do I like them? I do not know

A: They’re retro! I like them

M: They are unisex and would def be too wide on me

M: I like the idea of them I think

M: Lately I have also been thinking about Tretorns

M: And Tevas

M: So it’s full on high school again

A: Ha! Yep

A: I def had a pair of Tretorns in middle school

M: I saw these in the yellow and was like OH:

M: But I am pretty sure my feet are too narrow to be able to do a toe strap that you can’t adjust

A: I am Not On Board with those Tevas

M: haha

A: I was wearing Doc Martens in high school, you hippie.



A: 😭

M: Saaaaaad

A: I miss summer with you

M: Me too

M: I miss everything

A: Yeah


  1. I jumped on the Harry Styles horn dog middle aged lady bandwagon when he covered Lizzo's Juice.(especially the part at the end when he smiles).

  2. That book is a fun summer read, tho . . . .

  3. I saw those Tevas in the wild this weekend -- in white -- and yeah, big old nope. They just looked ... consciously dorky. But also, I have narrow feet, too, and these things are boats.

  4. J. Crew had Tretorns a few years ago. I bought a few pairs. They don't seem as comfortable as they used to be (I recall they had a terry cloth-ish lining when I had them in the 80s but not anymore).

  5. I ordered those exact Tevas a few weeks ago in my regular size (10, my feet are just a bit wide) and they were SO big. Way too much space all around the toe area, and also big in the ankle (and I have thick ankles). Maybe if you sized waaaay down, but they were only a little too long so a few sizes small would probably be too short.

    1. I have narrow feet AND scrawny ankles so I think these are a pass for me!

  6. If you needed another reason to love Harry Styles:


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