Thursday, July 23, 2020

Outfit of the Day: I Wish I Had Better News.

Honestly, I would love to give y'all an outfit that's innovative and fresh and doesn't involve t-shirts and shorts. I would love that! But today's post is...not that. I wish I had better news:

Hey, look! T-shirt and shorts. Now, the shorts are Athleta (via Poshmark) and they're last year's version of the Tribeca 9" Bermuda shorts. They aren't quite my usual thing but I really love them. They're super light weight, have lots of pockets and are definitely a step up from my usual distressed denim cut-offs. They have a 9" inseam but the leg is tapers which somehow saves them from looking too frumpy. My t-shirt is a Madewell whisper tee and I have it in several colors. It's currently my favorite everyday tee. 

My Tribeca shorts have a sleek tuxedo stripe down the side which basically makes them formal wear. Right? Totally. Details:  

I'm sorry, did you not want a closeup of my rumpled t-shirt? TOO BAD. I am wearing my tiny compass necklace (very similar to this one by Gorjana) and my favorite Dean Davidson labradorite tassel (which is sold out but oooh, these earrings.) Now, wanna see another good thing I bought recently? 

Oh yeah! Aladdin Sane Bowie tee. Now, I know I have a Bowie tee PROBLEM. But this one is totally different from the others and it is just so good, I couldn't help myself. It's a men's cut and I'm wearing a medium if you're tempted. (It looks really cute if you roll the sleeves which I forgot to do because who wants to look cute on a personal style blog? Apparently not me.) Anyway, let's get real. This is how I'm actually wearing this:

What, you thought you wouldn't be seeing my favorite pair of Joe's denim cutoffs this week? Ha! 

You would be wrong! I am a mess. These shorts are still my #1 favorite and will be until they die, which might be soon, judging from how often I'm wearing them. They're nearly gone but there's also this pair of Joe's that just showed up on NR and look quite similarly wrecked. Anyway, I'm also wearing my metallic Birkenstock Gizeh sandals so that's something fancy I guess. Until next week!

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