Monday, July 13, 2020

Monday Mood: Deep Summer

This is my favorite time of year - the height of summer when I can confidently stroll outside any time of day wearing shorts and a t-shirt, when all the best produce is local and in-season and when everything is green and lush. It's humid here, which means my skin is happy and my hair has a little oomph. (I know some people think I'm crazy, it's okay.) With summer in mind, here are some summery things I've been into lately:

This Recipe That Solves Too Much Zucchini
The zucchini is coming in fast and furious right now and this recipe is one I have been making for years. It's out of a very, very old copy of Rachel Ray's magazine and is so delicious. I believe it was part of a feature that included this chicken curry recipe, which I think I've also made, but the zucchini and squash side dish? It is just delicious and easy and if you throw in some chickpeas and serve it over rice it's a nice vegetarian main course. 

This Podcast That Makes Me Want to Surf
I have always wanted to learn how to surf, despite never having skied or skateboarded or anything like that. I'm not even a strong swimmer but damn, surfing looks like a transcendent experience. So, I was really excited by the latest episode of Everything Is Fine which features Diane Cardwell. She talks about her new book, Rockaway: Surfing Headlong into a New Life, a memoir about how she took up surfing in her 40s. I just love the idea of taking up a challenging new sport in middle age and really just going all in on it. This is the kind of story I want to read! The interview is great and so far her book is too.

This Body Oil That Smells Like Summer
Years ago I was given a small bottle of this shimmery body oil as a gift and I just loved it. So French! Such a gorgeous summer scent! It's a dry oil that's a nice way to get a little glow on your arms and legs without having to deal with tanning products. I bought a bottle of the non-shimmer version when I was in Paris and I love it even more than the shimmer one. However, it's hard to find here and I know the smell isn't for everyone so I will also suggest an old favorite - Neutrogena body oil. The scent is straight nostalgic and it's a long-time best seller for a reason! Plus, it's really inexpensive.

This Sunscreen That I Just Mentioned
I posted recently about Elta MD Clear sunscreen and since it was on sale at the time, I went ahead and bought it. Y'all, it's good! It doesn't smell like sunscreen and it goes on like moisturizer. It's meant for skin prone to breakouts and contains niacinamide and lactic acid. It does make my face shiny, but I do a little sheer foundation on top (these makeup sponges are the best, thanks Marianne!) and I'm good to go. I do also want to try the tinted version because of Marlo's comment on that post. I mean, how can I not want to try your holy grail product?


  1. Elta MD does my favorite body sunscreen, UV Lotion. Like the name suggests, it feels like body lotion. However, it comes in dumb packaging. So, if you want take some for reapplication for an outdoorsy thing, decant some into whatever travel-friendly container you have on hand.

  2. I've always wanted to learn to surf so last year I did a week long women's surf camp in Mexico. It was better than I ever could have imagined. I loved it so much. I'm pretty fit but not a strong swimmer - nor do I really like swimming and I did just fine. If you have the opportunity - do it!!!!!

  3. I have a whole cadre of friends here in Atlanta who have taken up surfing in their 40s and 50s. They also do the week long camps in Mexico and Nicaragua and are OBSSSEESSSEEDDDD. Based on their enthusiasm I highly recommend. My only surfing experience is this one time I took one lesson then hooked up with the instructor. /shrug

  4. I also love summer SO MUCH and also loved the EIF podcast on surfing. When we can travel again I definitely want to book a surf camp. Someday.....

    1. Summer is the best. And now I’m obsessed with the idea of a surfing camp.


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