Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Real Quick: Rando Target Picks.

I have been keeping my Target trips to a minimum but it's still a joy to discover new things and they make it easy by throwing crap in the middle of the main aisle so I don't even have to go looking, I just run right into stuff and it falls into my cart. Here are some rando things I bought this week:

These face masks are great! Super light weight, nose wire, filter pocket, $4 for two! I got the pale plaid set but they have some cute florals too. I just got them so I'm not sure how they hold up, but for the price I was really pleased.

I have been obsessively trying all the different flavored sparkly waters this summer (mostly Bubly FTW) but my current favorite is this weird lemon tea version from Spindrift. It's not sweetened at all and tastes just like the ghost of an Arnold Palmer. So refreshing!

Y'all, I got heavy into the Archer Farms snax back in the early pandemic days which was not great for fitting into my pants but whatever, it's quarantimes. Anyway, I've scaled back to just this one, which I only eat when driving home from a really long mountain bike ride. (Or sometimes after a particularly harrowing Zoom meeting. Who's even looking, right?)

Okay, listen. I did not buy this Chateau hand soap but it's going to happen soon because are you kidding me with that tassel and the glass bottle? I NEED THAT BOUGIE SOAP IN MY LIFE. It's just slightly more expensive than I usually allow for an impulse purchase so when my current hand soap runs out, I will snap it up.

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