Thursday, July 2, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Long Weekend!

It's for-real summer and we've got a long holiday weekend coming up. Are you ready? I AM MOST DEFINITELY READY. Here are some suggestions to make sure you're prepared (and PS. everything is either on sale or discounted!):


  1. I have tried a lot of the Elta MD sunscreens. I have the tinted UV Clear & it is a little shiny for my oily skin. The tint doesn’t provide coverage, it’s more just to just get rid of white cast. But I LOVE their tinted UV Elements, it’s less shiny but still very moisturizing, and when I wear it I can go without foundation. It’s my holy grail!

    1. Oh, thank you! I've been curious about this brand.

  2. I love the Elta UV Clear. I haven't tried any of the other formulations, but it feels like a moisturizer, not a sunscreen, even more so than the SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen. I hate the feel of regular sunscreens, especially on my fingers, but this just feels 100% like moisturizer. I have oilier skin but wear a matte foundation over it and it doesn't make me look shiny.