Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Black and White.

I've already tried to sell you on this damn Madewell tee a few times so I thought maybe I'd wear it in an outfit:

Don't you love that I waited until it was nearly sold out? (It's super on sale, though.) I just love the dropped sleeve and that its got a curved hem, which makes it perfect for half-tucking. Plus, it's soft and light and basically my favorite striped tee ever. (Well, except for my Alex Mill tee. I mean, really I love ALL my striped tees equally. Mama loves you all, striped babies.) Now, if your size is sold out, this version is also very cute and so is this one. For other options, I like this one from the Gap or this navy striped Madewell tee at Nordstrom! (Ugh, I love them all. Truly.) 

I'm wearing my old faithful Athleta Chelsea cargo pants which I originally bought for travel and then decided were good for everything. They're comfortable and light and I can't praise them enough. The newest version is the Chelsea Jogger, which are still on sale, and I'm really curious about them. Did anyone buy them? What do you think? And, while we're on the subject of Athleta pants, I am also a fan of the Brooklyn Ankle pants which are on sale in one of the odder colors. On to details:

I've been wearing this pendant (made by my friend Maryellen of Twiststyle) a lot lately. It's sparkly and interesting and seems to work with nearly everything. Her stuff is so versatile and easy to wear. Now, a few other accessories:

I'm still carrying my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody (still on sale!) almost exclusively and the Madewell strap makes this very classic bag really interesting. I really love the mix of patterns when I wear it with a striped tee. 

I'm also still very much into my Ray Bans from last year. They're the Meteor Wayfair style and I still wear them pretty much daily. (Um, when I go outside. I don't generally wear them in my house except for pics.) Finally, I'm, as per, wearing a pair of Birkenstock Arizona in silver.  Listen, if you're wanting to try a pair but worried that they're too hippie or clunky or whatever? Go for the metallic version. They are just very cool and interesting and you'll get compliments, I promise. The End.


  1. Welp, I just ordered the striped tee from Nordstrom. And I'm wearing my silver Birks to work today.

  2. The bag strap against the stripe tee is really excellent! Your whole look with red hair is very, very sharp.

    I've been eyeing the copper Birks for ages. It just seems a lot of $$ for sandals. But the copper is sooo good.

    1. Honesty, the copper is beautiful - almost a rose gold. Worth every penny, I promise!

  3. I bought the Chelseas in olive. They are good!

  4. I bought the Chelsea joggers in navy and I like them as a WFH jeans alternative or warm-weather hikers. They're lightweight, comfortable, reasonably flattering, have lots of pockets, and run biggish. Would go great with stripes. 😁


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