Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Adrien: Favorite Style Purchases of 2019.

Every year I do a round-up of favorite purchases from the previous year and I was happy to discover that I didn't buy many duds last year. I am definitely better about planning out my purchases and buying nicer things that really suit me. Almost all of my favorites from 2019 were planned purchases that I researched and bought deliberately. Here are my top favorites from 2019:

Miu Miu Bag
This bag! I stalked it for months. The price went up, the price went down. The price went back up, the price went way down. Holy shit, Barneys, what a ride. I saved my dollars and the next time they dropped the price, I pounced. It was more than I usually spend on a bag but it was WORTH IT. I carry it a lot and it still looks brand new. It's also just so satisfying - the leather is so nice and the hardware is shiny and weighty and it's comfortable to carry. I am a fan. (Review post here.)

Dean Davidson Bamboo Tassel Pendant Necklace
Y'all this is such a great piece of jewelry. It's beautiful, it's fun to play with, it gets me compliments all the time. Unfortunately it's sold out but this one is also very beautiful and definitely will not disappoint. Dean Davidson is expensive but so worth it. (Outfit post here.)

Everlane Cashmere V-Neck
I have three Everlane cashmere v-neck sweaters and I wear them ALL THE TIME. The one I bought this year in loden is the best of the bunch - the color, a grey-olive, goes with everything and it's warm and soft and always looks good. I am a big fan. (My review post is here.)

All The Birkenstocks
I bought two pairs this year: white Arizona sandals and shearling-lined Boston clogs. Both have been great - I wore my white sandals all summer long and the clogs are my cozy around-the-house shoes (as well as my "I'm just going to yoga shoes" and occasionally my, "I'm just going to Target or whatever shoes stop judging me.") My feet love them and I hope the current Birkenstock fashion moment lasts FOREVER.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Meteor
These have been such a fun purchase. Amusingly, I posted several pairs on IG when trying to decide which style to buy and nobody picked the Meteor. And yet? They were the pair IRL that my bestie said was the bomb. I bought them, loved them, and wore them daily. And then! A waitress STOLE THEM when I accidentally left them on her table in a restaurant. I went back five minutes later and she was like, *shrug* "didn't see them." (There was nobody else there.) I was really upset and mostly blamed myself for being careless with my stuff. A week later, my sweet, sweet boyfriend surprised me with a brand new pair because he's the best. What a guy.

Maeve Juno Dresses
These dresses are great in the summer with sandals but also in the winter with tights and boots! I have two and they've been such a fun addition to my closet. They're fun and forgiving and the patterns are so cool. I wear them both all the damn time and the only thing I don't like is that they have to be dry-cleaned. Worth it. (Outfits here and here.)


  1. What color are your Birks, please? They look like they could be the gray, but the gray at shopping sites seems different. Thanks!

    1. They’re dove gray! The link should take you to Nordstrom and they have them in that color. 🙂


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