Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Adrien: How Could I Not?

So, I have this problem and it's called the Saks sale rack. A few times a year Saks does a crazy sale and sticks the rack right out in the aisle so if you're innocently cutting through the store on your way to Anthro you are confronted with racks and racks of high-end craziness. And most of it is super crazy but I always, always look. If you read yesterday's entry you know I bought a Design History cardigan I wasn't sure about. Well, I'm sure about it now: 

This cardigan, y'all. It was totally meant for me - a crazy leopard pattern, thick and cozy and not made of (itchy, itchy) wool. It's A LOT of cardigan and I struggled with it at first but finally went really simple with my outfit and let it be the star and that worked perfectly. OH. And did I mention how incredibly on sale it is? It's a bit over-sized and I'm wearing a small for reference. They also have this one (size large only) which looks so cozy! 

Looooook how cute! I can't believe I doubted it. Honestly. Now, my super fun jeans are H&M, given to me by Marianne last summer. I put them away and forgot all about them, like you do, then  rediscovered them right around the time I was 100% tired of skinny jeans and ready to experiment with some new styles. They're long sold out (though this girlfriend style looks kinda similar) but this pair at the Gap has the same general cut and I love the shadow stripe on this pair from Madewell.

My t-shirt is just your average Madewell whisper tee! If you want a decent pocket tee in good colors, the Madewell whisper is always there for you and often on sale. Thanks to Marianne for that discovery! On to details:

I'm wearing my ancient and much-loved J.Crew locket pendant (dig their current version!) and my Madewell perfect belt which is... fine.

My Miu Miu bag is still making me really happy and I am so glad I went for it, especially now that Barney's is gone for good. (RIP, Barneys.) For something remarkably similar, this Cole Haan bag looks pretty nice, especially for that price!

That's it for today. Y'all go snap up that cardigan before it's gone!