Monday, January 6, 2020

Review: Stackers Jewelry Box (w/ bonus before & after!)

I've been asked by blog readers more than once about my jewelry storage methods. So, here's the thing: Writing about personal style does not make me an expert and it definitely does not make me an organized, tidy person. Like many people, I would basically rather do just about anything else when it comes to cleaning and organizing my space. Do I like an organized space? Sure. Do I want to change my personality and become an organized person? Eh. I try.

My favorite way to encourage this behavior is a very fun purchase. Marianne collaborated with me (aka bought me half of this for my upcoming birthday) and I'm now the happy owner of a Stackers jewelry box.

I love a box full of fun little compartments but could never find a jewelry box that really met my needs. The beauty of the Stackers system is that you can buy the trays that you actually need and you can also use them in other places. I basically got one of every stack section offered on the Container Store website, though the Stackers website (which is in the UK) has some other interesting options. I went with the classic size in taupe which is a good medium size and the color is a perfectly minimal gray. (In retrospect, I could've definitely handled the supersize version but I worried it would overpower my dresser.)

Enough talking, here's the before (with the caveat that I haaaate my crappy old dresser and will be replacing it soon):

What a damn mess. That's my jewelry in various little dishes and dusty piles and there's the rest of my crap just everywhere. And yes, my precious long necklaces are there all tangled up in a big cluster, hanging off a stand that's way too small:


This is embarrassing! Stop looking at those pics. Anyway, after my Stackers arrived I cleared everything off my dresser and started over. I had so much fun figuring out how to organize my jewelry and now my dresser looks like this:

What an improvement. I got some key rack hooks for my necklaces and am planning on another set for the other side because four hooks isn't enough. My Stackers box fits in nicely and holds a ton. Here are my stacks:

The configuration of the lid layer is the best one and I wish it were available in a non-lid tray.

This is the next layer down and it's really for someone with a lot of rings but I make it work. 

This is a good one for all your rando bits and pieces (or your Pandora charms if you roll that way.)  I've still got a lot of space left in this one! 

This is the deepest tray on the bottom and it's for all my big stuff that I don't use very much.

This stack is in my top dresser drawer and is absolutely perfect for sunglasses. I also got the little travel box (thanks, Marianne) which should tuck nicely into a suitcase corner. 

I've had this all set up for more than a week and I'm much, much better about putting my jewelry away safely, now that every piece has a home. Highly recommend! Also, Marianne got one in the blush pink, so stay tuned for her before and after. 

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