Monday, January 27, 2020

Shopping Report/Convos: Want, Don't Need.

Why is it when I am in a wanty lull and declare that I am NOT SHOPPING that suddenly my brain wants everything? Even things I already kind of have? WHY IS THIS. I blame the Internet. Here are the things I want lately, but don't need:

These Madewell Boots I Do Not Need. 
When I went to Madewell recently to try on jeans the sales assistant gave me a pair of boots to try on with the jeans, since that's what I often wear. Unfortunately, I really liked those boots. More unfortunately, they're currently on sale with an extra 30% off. My brain: OH MY GOD YOU HAVE BOOTS. Also my brain: But these have a slightly higher heel and the leopard version is prettier than the leopard boots I already own and I don't even have brown boots. I asked Marianne:

A: I should definitely not buy the Madewell leopard boots that are on sale, right?

M: Nope

A: Rude

M: 😂


These Sneakers That I Can't Not Like.
I am not a big sneaker person but for some reason the Comme des Garçons Play Converse stole my heart from the first time I saw them and I keep seeing them out in the wild! I basically attacked some poor fashionable man I saw wearing them recently. I don't feel like I need them RIGHT NOW but they're definitely on my wishlist for spring.

A: I accosted a young man at Saks who was Fashion yesterday because he was wearing Comme de Garçon Play sneakers.

M: Ha

A: I had just been talking to Kate about wanting a pair and he walked by and I was like I LOVE YOUR SNEAKERS I WAS JUST SAYING I WANT A PAIR LETS BE FRIENDS.

A: We did not end up being friends. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Why Do I Want More Docs. 
Marianne recently got an awesome pair of Dr. Martens and I love them on her and I also want to love them on me. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM. I already have DM Chelsea Boots that I really like! I don't need another freaking pair of boots I can't wear to work. Or at all, really. (See above.)



A: Like, I want to sell my Chelsea pair and get a classic pair

M: Ha! Do you not like the Chelseas? I dig those too

A: No, I like them! I just want all of the docs but I feel like I have to suffer for it

M: haaaa you weirdo


Goddammit, Everlane, With This Alpaca Sweater.
Listen, I don't even know if I can wear Alpaca but this new Everlane sweater looks like my dream gin carnigan and I wanted it before I even clicked through the email. It just looks so cozy and like I could throw it over anything! That's how they get you.

Everlane: Make Your Other Cardigans Jealous

A: Ugh, I like this.

M: Ugh me too. Ugh.

A: Fucking Everlane.


PS. There's also a bag I really want but it's discontinued and only two exist in the online selling platform world so I am not ready to talk about it until a) one of them is mine or b) I have changed my mind about it.


  1. Ugh, want-y brain is the worst. Wait a week or so and see if you still want stuff. Or purchase and return if not perfect for your life. Also, anything that Rent the Runway can help solve? I'd like to see how Marianne styles her Doc Martens. Would be great to see some inspiration in the lace up combat boot category from a fashiony adult!

    1. There are a couple of Marianne's outfits posted on our IG that feature her Docs!

    2. PS. I have tried Rent the Runway but not sure it's my jam. However, Marianne is currently giving it a go and will post a review soon!

    3. My experience with rent the runway (i used a few times for dresses and purchased one item on sale) is that I have unfortunately many times received clothes that smell of BO. It honestly turned me off permanently and I am done. I hope Marianne fairs better.

  2. You made me buy the freaking everlane sweater LOL. I have been looking for a new gin cardigan and that one out as the one I purchased (price is better than the vince one I am stalking). We will see how it fits.

    1. I hope it works for you! I'm really tempted.


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