Thursday, January 9, 2020

Stuff I Like: Revisting Some Old Favorites.

I feel like I talk about the same stuff over and over again but when I like something enough to use it every day or buy more than once? It's worth talking about. Here are a few things that I feel are worth repeat praise: 

This Ugly Bra I Love.
Y'all know that I am embarrassed to love the True & Co True Body bras as much as I do but they are so good - in no way sexy but perfect for lounging at home or long flights. True & Co just came out with a skinny strap version and I immediately ordered one (I had store credit) because the only thing I don't love about the original is the crazy thick straps you can't adjust. Well, now you can! I will report back after I've received it and given it a test run.  If you haven't tried True & Co you can use my link to get $15 off your first order. (I also get $15 in store credit.) 

This Backpack I Use Daily.
Lo & Sons is having a sale which includes the updated Hanover backpack and y'all, I am SUPER TEMPTED. I am actually thinking about ordering the deluxe size to use as a gym tote (and for travel, obviously) and then I'll have one of each like the creepy hoarder I am. We'll see! I don't know how long the sale is on for but right now is a pretty good time to check out Lo & Sons. 

These Jeans That Are SO Rock 'N Roll.
My very favorite Madewell coated black jeans are on CRAZY sale right now, you guys. Under $60! So many sizes in stock! I don't understand it because they are so excellent and if you don't have a pair please consider it going for it. They're like having black leather jeans without all the fuss of leather. Listen, Joan Jett would want you to buy these. Don't disappoint Joan. 

This Balm Cleanser That Is Unfancy.
After cheating all over the place I am back together with Clinique Take The Day Off balm cleanser because nothing else works quite as well. Plus, a little goes a long way so the container lasts for a while. It doesn't smell fancy and it's not elegant but it will get every last bit of sunscreen and weird Japanese mascara off of your face. Worth its weight in gold. 

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