Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Review: French Connection Funnel Neck Sweater.

Hi all! My intention had been to post an outfit but it's pouring rain and dark as night outside so that makes for terrible photos. Instead, I'll review a recent purchase and, when the Weather Gods allow, I'll post an actual outfit.

Before Christmas I went to the outlet mall with my friend Nina and found this amazing French Connection sweater at Marshalls:

Y'all, everything about this sweater appealed to me - the mod funnel neck, the forgiving shape, the obnoxious bright red color, the cool texture, the lack of itchy wool. All of it. I found it in a size medium and tried it on. It. Was. Enormous. Like, I know this sweater is meant to be boxy and over-sized but it ate me alive. I eventually decided to was too big and sadly threw it back. (There was no size small to be found.)

I couldn't get it out of my mind so I track it down at Nordstrom Rack  (more sizes here at Off Fifth) and ordered it in a small. It arrived and...It. Was. Enormous. Maybe a little more snug in the sleeve and slightly less volume overall, but still pretty generously sized.

And you know what? I freaking love it and every time I wear it I get compliments. Sometimes you just gotta love a big ole sack sweater and call it fashion. Marianne agrees and recently bought this amazing sweater from AllSaints:

She worried it wasn't super flattering on her (it's cute as hell on her, y'all) and I pointed out that big cozy sweaters aren't meant to flattering, they're meant to keep you warm and to look cool as hell with your skinny jeans and boots. (Wear your big stompy boots to balance things out! I totally do.) It's official "Wear a Sack" season! Embrace it and be comfortable and chic. 

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