Thursday, January 16, 2020

Outfit of the Day: See? I Told You.

Okay! I finally have a big ole sweater outfit to show you, as mentioned in Tuesday's post:

This look is definitely right up my alley! The sweater is by French Connection and it's sold out on NR but still available at Off Fifth and also at Lord & Taylor in some really good colors! As I mentioned, it runs big but that's it's charm: 

This is the small! I am embracing it in all it's boxy glory, but it's structured enough that it hangs really nicely and looks deliberately oversized, rather than just too big. 

I'm wearing it with my favorite black Madewell jeans that I wear to work all the time and pretend are black pants. (I am fooling nobody but whatever.) These jeans are super comfy and soft and don't stretch out all crazy. I wear them way too much. I also want this pair of black straight leg jeans that my friend Kate has because they look so cool on her and I'm hoping that will rub off. Very into the slightly cropped straight leg look rn. Details: 

I was trying to show you my earrings, which I mentioned on IG. They're tiny little Bowie lightning bolt threaders by Virginie Millefiori and y'all, they are so pretty. She does the loveliest delicate enamel jewelry and I am especially into this gold Chrysalis Necklace necklace which comes in a bunch of variations. I'm also wearing my big Soko paddle pendant that Marianne gave me a few years back. Still a favorite! It's available in a mini version but sold out in my size. And look:

New things! My bag is a Marc Jacobs Single which I found on Poshmark for a steal. I love that it has a classic Chanel bag feel without being too fancy. If you're not confident about buying secondhand, it's not hard to find a similar style. I love this Minkoff chevron quilted bag and this Cole Haan is really well-priced. And check out this under $30 option at Target

My boots are Seychelles Floodplain booties in leopard and I got them from Anthro (still a few sizes left!) during the crazy post-Christmas sale. (Thanks to Marianne, who sent me a text all, DO I NEED THESE and then, like a jerk, I bought them too.) They're good! I like that they're not calf-hair so they won't get weird bald patches. They aren't Madewell-level boot comfort but they're solid and a LOT of fun. Just like me. Heh. 

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