Monday, July 1, 2019

Review (and an outfit): Miu Miu Shoulder Bag!

Y'all, it finally happened! I saved my money, managed to not impulse buy a substitute bag (thanks, Marianne) and was really patient and Barneys Warehouse FINALLY put my dreamy Miu Miu shoulder bag back on sale. I'd been waiting and saving for more than a month so I was READY FOR IT. It came two days later in an enormous box full of layers of  tissue paper and felt wrappings and wheee:

It's proper name is the Miu Miu Vitello Phenix. I pulled it out and just enjoyed the experience of it's newness for a few minutes:

Sometimes when I make a big purchase I'll keep the tags on for a while and make sure it's a keeper before using it but I had this bag de-tagged and full of my stuff ten minutes later and carried it right out the door with me. It was 100% mine from the second I saw it. True love! Anyway, here's my outfit/review:

First the bag:  It's a big bag but doesn't feel over-sized. It's excellent quality and weighty but not super heavy. The leather is glorious - glossy, pebbled and thick. The strap sits comfortably and securely on my shoulder and it's easy to carry. Best of all, it sparks mad joy every time I see it. (This seems like such a weird thing to say, but for me it's the best part of a really good handbag - just having a nice thing that is a visual joy. It's been a while!)

It only seems fair to mention the two things I don't love about this bag. First, the top opening is frustratingly narrow. I knew that before I bought it and I'm getting used to it but it's not ideal. Also, the lining is black which makes it hard to find stuff visually. Combine the two and you have a black hole situation - I definitely found myself rooting around longer than I normally would! But the positive is that the narrow top makes the bag feel really secure - no way is anyone going to easily get their hand in there to snatch your wallet. So, five stars, would purchase again. 

Now, what am I wearing? My top is the striped version of the Lululemon Brunswick Muscle Tank and it's a good one. A bit long if not tucked in but an easy cotton summer tank that you can wear without your bra showing. I'm also wearing my favorite Madewell jeans (currently on sale but going fast) which have been great for spring/summer.  

My jacket is the J.Crew Going-Out Blazer and it was such a good purchase. I can throw it on over anything and immediately look less like a garbage person. Magic! Plus, it's got a little stretch so it's comfortable. My sandals are metallic copper Birkenstock Gizeh but I'm sure you know that by now. Really, who cares what I'm wearing - look at that damn bag, will you? 


  1. The bag is great, but the real winner here is your hair. Straight up fire!

  2. That bag is great and really you. I appreciate the detail about the black hole. Even though everything I have is in pouches, it's still REALLY hard to find things in a black-lined bag. Also agree that your hair is wonderful! I love the ombre.

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I have to be honest that i don't love the black lining, but I love the bag enough to deal with it.


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