Thursday, July 25, 2019

We Discuss: Veronica Mars (and some mild Logan body-shaming)

M: You haven’t started the new season of Veronica Mars at all right?


M: Ok

A: Omg

M: No nothing big just let me know

A: It might be a few weeks

M: No rush!

M: Are you watching it for the first time or re-watching

A: Re-watching

M: Kk

M: I should have. I just watched the movie and dove in. But I rewatched a couple of years back

A: Is the movie available on Hulu?

M: It’s available to rent on Amazon

A: I’m rewatching from the beginning, but mostly only watch when I’m stuck inside on the bike trainer

M: Gotcha

A: I might have to jump ahead

M: You may get spoiled if you don’t but I don’t think it’s a huge deal. I don’t have huge thoughts but I’m curious what you’ll think.

A: Hmm

M: Don’t read into it!

A: Okay, okay

M: I’m not done yet anyway


M: I am honesty uncomfortable with how jacked Logan is now


M: That’s not a spoiler his abs have been all over the Internet for like a year!

A: I know, but I’m pretending it’s not real

M: 😂

A: He really should’ve worked his legs too, tbh

M: Yeah it looks WEIRD

M: His head is too small

M: Too much cod sir

A: That’s what happens when you only work your mirror muscles


A: Give him some carbs

A: I really love Logan, tho

M: Yeah

M: I really loved young Logan

A: Agree

M: And Dick!


A: He’s barely in season 1

M: I love Ryan Hansen so much

A: I’m enjoying young Max Greenfield so much

M: Also adore!

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