Wednesday, July 17, 2019

We Discuss: Mom Shorts.

A: Did I tell you I went INTO an American Eagle looking for more shorts?

M: no!

M: #brave

A: Girl, do not do this.

M: Tell me everything.

A: FIRST OF ALL, They do not carry the Bermuda shorts in-store because they are for The Olds.

M: Duh.

M: The Youths are scared of all of that fabric.

A: I didn’t think it through.

A: They only had booty shorts with a 12" rise.

M: I amend my comment--they prefer all that fabric wrapped around their torso.

A: Back in my day, we wanted the fabric to swirl around our lower legs whilst our ass-cheeks tried to escape out the top.

M: Life really is a rich tapestry.

A: I just wheezed-laughed

M: Like, I don’t want my butt escaping out the top OR the bottom!

A: Anyway, the young lady working there showed me some mom-jeans abomination in the hopes of appeasing me



M: Okay but my AE jeans are really cute.

M: I noped backwards out of that store.

A: I do love those ragged-ass AE shorts quite a lot but I will continue to buy them online as God intended.

M: Me too though I have been wearing those North Face shorts you recommended a ton because it’s so hotttt.

M: Without ever setting foot in a mall, amen.

A: I really like my pair* too! They are not exciting but they are very good for walks and the pockets will hold my giant phone.

M: They are just so lightweight and denim is so cruel when it’s humid.

A: Well, except for my AE denim shorts which are made from string and hope.

M: true.

*The North Face shorts are really good! Marianne's link is to the 6" inseam, mine are 4".

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