Monday, July 8, 2019

Shopping Report: Long Weekend Sales.

Did I buy anything during all the crazy 4th of July sales? Yes, yes I did. But first, I need to point out that my Miu Miu bag is now another 15% off on top of the original 40% off and the extra 50% off at Barneys Warehouse. I think they might be stretching the bounds of sale math with this one but hey, it's even more on sale than before and I'm not even mad about it. (Okay, I'm a little mad about it but not enough to make a big deal about it. Totally still worth it! Those fuckers.)

ANYWAY. I did buy a few things last week and I'm here to tell you about them. First, I think I mentioned I caved to the Loft sale and ordered:

This dress which could go either way. I can never tell if I'll love the print until I see it in person.

This dress which seems flattering and gets great reviews. A good basic to dress up or down, right?

This top which incorporates my favorite things - the weirdness of wearing black in the summer with the interesting details that saves it from being boring.

And this top which incorporates my favorite thing with a thing that I'm not sure about  - snake print (yay!) with a, dare I say it? Pussy bow. There, I said it. We'll see.

When I made the order everything was at least 60% percent off, so I feel like they're just desperate to get this stuff out of the warehouse before the box cars full of fall clothes roll up. Oh, Loft. You're so dumb. My order is scheduled to arrive today, so I'll report back.

Next, I braved the mall with my friend Kate, starting at Madewell where she got this shirt which was so cute on her:

I almost tried it on too but dammit, I know better. While she was trying stuff on I got busy falling deeply in love with these sneakers:

Also, these which have a little patch of silver glitter in the back:

Ugh, I know. I didn't buy either pair but I'm going to keep an eye on them because they will eventually go on sale.

We went to Athleta next door because they had an extra 20% off of sale. Kate bought this long hoodie thing which is the BEST (They didn't have my size or I would've bought it too):

She also bought some very cute joggers that hopefully will become her excellent travel pants:

I tried on a bunch of of stuff that didn't work on me at all and thought I was in the clear and then found this amazing jacket:

I am going to Ireland in the fall and thought it would be a great light layer for rain. It's also just really cute on - cinched at the waist with a fun pleat in the back. I bought it and got it home and then read the reviews online and apparently it's great at being everything BUT a rain jacket. Dammit. I should probably return it but it's SO CUTE. So damn cute.


  1. Barney's math is Something Else. Also? It takes some gall to still have calendars from 2017 for sale in Q3 of 2019.

  2. I had a bunch of stuff in my cart for Loft but so help me, it was 40% off on July 3rd but on July 4th it was all back to reg price. I basically hate their guts right now

    1. Wait five minutes and it'll all be back on sale, I promise. (They are jerks.)