Tuesday, July 23, 2019

BUY THIS: Lulu Frost Jewelry at TJ Maxx!

My friend Nina alerted me to the fact that there's a bunch of Lulu Frost jewelry over on the TJ Maxx website! Some of it is predictably weird, but there's some really cool pieces as well:

This necklace of labradorite and amazonite inlays originally retailed for $488! I am VERY tempted but not sure if it's "me" or not. And there's this crystal necklace: 

I knowwwww. So pretty! So retro! However,  I think my favorite of the necklaces is this aventurine And crystal necklace:

Wear this over any old thing and you are DRESSED. It looks expensive (and definitely was) but is only $49.99 at TJM. I am weeping. And there's more! Like these fun sequin pom pom earrings:

They definitely fall under the "predictably weird" category but they are sparkly and still $123 at Last Call. I also like these earrings, which are a bit more funky retro-glam: 

And this bracelet is the COOLEST and matches that first labradorite necklace up top:

I also found a few more pieces of Lulu Frost that are pretty and well-priced but somewhat more subdued:

Ugh, you guys. I can't buy all this stuff! I'd go broke. But, maybe some of you love Lulu Frost too and can benefit from these crazy bargains. 


  1. Do you see anything else on the T.J.Maxx site I might, "Need"? I notice they have free shipping today. Ugh. lol

    1. Sorry! I just looked at jewelry.

    2. lol; that's o.k. I love it all, but I have a lanyard and an id badge and a set of keys around my neck all the time at work, so it's kind of wasted on me.


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